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PASS CX - How to Use Schedule Builder - In-App Registration (student)

Schedule Builder is a tool accessible within PASS which allows students and/or advisers to create a schedule of classes for a specific term. With Schedule Builder, students may factor in obligations such as work or practice and generate various schedules from which to choose.

1. Log into PASS CX.

2. On the PASS CX Dashboard, select Enrollment.

Dashboard Enrollment

3. Click the Schedule Builder link.

Enrollment Schedule Builder

4. Schedule Builder will open in a new tab. 

Scheduile Builder within Window

5. If more than one term available, select the appropriate term.  Click Save and Continue.

6. You must choose one campusThis should be your home campus*.  Click Save and Continue.

*As of Fall 2022, students will be able to register on another campus without permission to be able to take advantage of different modalities, like Online.  

If you plan on taking a course at another campus it is strongly recommended to start with the home campus, then change the filters (instruction mode and campus, for instance) within schedule builder to explore other class options, but BE CAUTIOUS - you do not want to inadvertently enroll in an in-person class at another campus. 

Schedule Builder Campus Filter - Choose one

7.  Academic Groups and Instruction Modes should default to all checked, but it's best to confirm.  If All aren't Selected, click change and check all and save. 


Note: For additional assistance with Schedule Builder, click Help Videos in the upper right.

8. To select desired courses, click Add Course

There are five ways to find desired courses:
a. Search by Subject & Course: Click on the By Subject tab, select a Subject, select a course, click Add Course.

Subject Search

b. Search by Course Attribute: Select a General Education Attribute, Subject and Course.  Click Add Course.
Search by Course Attribute
c. Search by Course Number: Choose a filter, then a course number.  Click Search to see a list of courses that meet that criteria, then Add Course.  
d. My Planner: Select course(s) from My Planner Courses, click Add Course.
e. By Class Number: Add the class number (the 4-digit unique number for the section of a course)
Add By Class Nbr
f. Review the right side of the Add Course Page to see the courses just added, your current schedule and what's in your shopping cart.  Courses can be deleted from this list with the X on the right.
Course Review Area
g. After adding all of the courses, click Back to return to your Schedule Builder homepage.

9.  To block off time in which you cannot attend class (i.e. for work or practice), click Add Break.

Add Break

Give the break a name, select start/end times, select days, and click Add Break.

Add Break Details

Repeat this process as necessary.

10. When courses are chosen and breaks are entered, you are ready to Generate Schedules. A list of possible schedules will appear.

Generate Schedule

11. To view an individual schedule, click View to open in full view or hover your cursor over the magnifying glass to see a pop-up.  

Note: There is a setting in the Advanced Options Tab to add "Class Padding" which can add a certain space between all classes.  Schedules would have to be re-generated to include this setting.

View Schedule Options

To compare multiple schedules simultaneously, select the checkbox of up to four (4) schedules, and click Compare.

Schedule Compare

12. When you find a schedule that works, click View click Send Schedule to Shopping Cart to begin registration. Close the Schedule Builder tab.

Send to Shopping Cart

13. If you have a variable credit course you are sending to your cart, you will get an intermediate page asking for the credit amount.  Select the appropriate number from the dropdown and click Finish.  You may edit this credit amount after registration by going to your current schedule in PASS or Schedule builder using the Edit Feature.  (Being able to edit follows normal add deadlines.)

Variable Credit

14. You are sent to your shopping cart.  From there you may Email, Edit your cart or Register

Shopping Cart and Toolbar

NOTE: There are new selections at the top of the page. These appear all the time in Schedule Builder to allow ease of navigating.

  • Plan Schedule - Returns to the Add Courses and Breaks page
  • Shopping Cart - Brings you back to your shopping cart where courses may now be edited or deleted within the cart.
  • Current Schedule - Brings you to your current schedule where you may not edit or drop a course.  For instance, dropping here follows the academic calendar, so you may drop to 0 up until the end of the business day before the start of term. 

*Be sure to check the Registrar's Office webpage for add and drop deadlines.

15.  To email your potential schedule from your Shopping Cart click Email.  A pop up window will appear.  Fill out form and click Email Schedule.
Email Schedule

16.  To remove a course in your cart, click Edit Cart.  Check the box to the right of the course, then save.

Edit Shopping Cart

17.  To Register, click Register.  Confirm your action by clicking continue on the pop up window.  Click Continue.


18. Confirm in the Registration Results window if you have an message or error. 

Registration Results

19. After taking care of the cause of the error message(s), return and try to register again.  You will get a Success message.  Click Ok.

Registration Success

20. Click on Current Schedule in the top toolbar to confirm.  To print your schedule, click sign out in Schedule Builder, and you will return to the PASS Student Homepage, where you can return to student center and print either your list view or calendar view.

Shopping Cart and Toolbar

21. To drop or edit a course  in schedule builder, click on Current Schedule at the top.  Click Edit or Drop classes.

Edit or Drop Classes

Check the box to the right of the course you would like to drop and click save.  Or if editing credits, change the credit amount and click Save.

22.  To Swap a course, click on Current Schedule at the top of the page, then click Swap.

Schedule Builder Swap

23. There are three ways to swap:  By Class Number (the single 4-digit number that represents the Subject, Catalog Number, and Section for a term), Shopping Cart, or By Subject.

24. Select the Class from your current schedule to swap from the dropdown.  Then choose the swap method:
  • By Class Nbr - This method is particularly useful if you've been given a permission for a particular course and already know it works in your schedule without time conflicts.  Enter the 4 digit class nbr and click Search.  Select the class by clicking the radial button to the left of it.  Then click Swap.
Swap By Class Number
  • By Shopping Cart - This method is useful if you were trying out schedules with different sections, found one without a time conflict, and added that section to your cart.  Then select the class from your shopping cart from the dropdown.  You must still select the section by clicking the radial button to the left of it.  Then click Swap.
Swap By Shopping Cart
  • By Subject - This method might be used to find a course that you know doesn't have a time conflict; however, you don't know the class number, but do know other information, like the instructor, day and time, and/or section.
Swap By Subject

28.  If there are additional changes that need to be made, like editing the credits of a course, you will be asked to make that change.  

Swap Edit Credits

29. After the update, click Finish.  Then Swap to Confirm.  

Swap Confirm

30.  Be sure to watch all the way through to the Swap Results to confirm the swap completed successfully. 

Swap Success Message

31.  Sign out of Schedule Builder, then close the tab to return to one tab of PASS CX.

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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