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PASS CX - Application for Graduation - On-Campus Undergraduate

Instructions on how complete the Application for Graduation in PASS CX.

n-Campus degree seeking undergraduates will now be able to apply for graduation through PASS CX.  Students will become eligible to apply after earning at least 90 credits.  The Registrar's Office will make students eligible to apply and then the application will become available in the CX Dashboard, under My Information - Tasks

Please allow a week after grade processing for the applications to be assigned.  If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office.

IMPORTANT: Complete all of the steps, including adding a diploma name, address and hometown.  If any steps are skipped, diploma name will default to your primary name, address to your home address, and hometown to your home city and state.  If you have updates to your degree name and address, please see PASS CX - Application for Graduation - Changing your degree name and address after application submission .

1. Login into PASS CX.

2. In the PASS CX Dashboard, click on My Information to expand that menu.

My Information

3. Select Tasks in the My Information menu.

My Information - Tasks

4. Click on the Application for Graduation task.  The Application will open in a new tab.

Application in Tasks

5. Read Step 1 - Launch

NOTE: The progress bar is to the left.  The step that you are on will be shaded green and the arrow will be pointing to the right.  Read the instructions and click Mark As Read. 

Left Nav Mark as Read

6. Then click Next  Next

7. Click on "Apply for Graduation".  If you have more than one major in two colleges, you will see two links and will have two Apply for Graduation steps.  You will apply for one college program at a time, so click on one of the two links.

Apply for Graduation

IMPORTANT: Please look at this page carefully. Your declared majors, minors and emphases are listed. If anything needs to be added, changed or dropped, please click Exit in the upper-left corner and contact the Registrar's Office.

8. Select the applicable Expected Graduation Term from the Dropdown.  More than one term may be open, but if you are in two colleges, apply for the same term. 

Here is the term availability schedule:

Term                    Begin                                               End             
Fall                       September 1st of Prior Year            End of Term
Spring                  January 1st of Prior Year                 End of Term
Summer               January 1st of Prior Year                 End of Term

NOTEIf you are applying after Countdown to Commencement, you are not guaranteed to be in the Commencement program.

Select Graduation Term

9. Once the term is selected, click Continue.


10.  You may click Select Different Term at this time to go back and choose a different term from the previous step.  (There is no need to select a different program.)
If you don't need to change your term, click Submit Application.

Submit Application

11. You will get a confirmation step, but there are more steps to the applicationClick Next.

IMPORTANT - It is very important continue all the way to the finish.  Note completing will delay the processing of your application.

12. Add a diploma/degree name.  This will be how your name will appear on your diploma.  Click the + sign.

Names click plus to add

NOTE: If a Diploma/Degree name is not provided, your Primary name will be used.

13. An Add Name pop-up will appear.  Fill in your diploma name (which is the degree name type in PASS), double check your spelling, and Save.  NOTE: Prefix does not print on the diploma.

Add Name

14. You will now have a Degree Name Type, which will appear on your diploma.  Click Confirm, then Next.

Degree Name

15. Add a diploma address by clicking the button Add Diploma Address, even if it is the same as your home or mailing address.

Add Diploma Address

16. An Add Address pop-up will appear.  Enter the address where you want your diploma sent.  If your address is already present in another address type, you may copy that over by clicking "Copy From", then select the correct address from the Select Address pop-up, otherwise, fill in the appropriate address and Save.

NOTE: If a diploma address is not provided.  It will be sent to the Home address on file at the time the order was created.  

Copy from

Select the address to copy

Add Address

17. Review the diploma address.  To edit, click on it, make changes and Save.  When correct, click Confirm then Next.

Confirm Address, then click Next

18.  Fill in your hometown.  By default, the city and state from your home address will fill in.  You may edit this hometown.  If you do not want your hometown listed in the commencement program, write "Do Not List" in the field.  Click Save.  Then click Next.


19.  You have reached the last step.  Click Submit to complete the applicationClose the tab to return to the CX Dashboard.

Complete Step

If you have changes to any of your degree information, including college, major, minor, emphasis, and degree name, address or hometown from now until commencement, please contact the Registrar's Office at 608-342-1321.

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