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Video: U-Record Room Operations & Best Practices

The U-Record Studio is a fantastic resource for producing great looking videos with little or no prior experience. To help you get started here are a few ideas and instructions:


Scheduling the U-Record studio is fast and easy!  You can easily reserve the room from your desk using your University Outlook account.  We have created a quick guide for users, [Link for document 68114 is unavailable at this time].  Once you have the room scheduled you are ready for your recording, just make sure to remember your flash drive! When you arrive you will need to check in at the ITS Help Desk to get let into the room.  

Studio Basics

Instructions for using the U-Record Studio can be found using Video - U-Record Studio Basics .

Suggested Uses

The U-Record studio was designed with simplicity in mind.  With a few simple clicks, anyone is able to produce a quality video that they are proud to share with their audience.  Some suggested uses for the studio are the following:

For Students

  • Practicing a presentation for class
  • Create presentation portions of a larger video product
  • Record an e-Portfolio introduction and content
  • Record basic interviews

For Faculty

  • Delivering an introduction to a lab to save class time
  • Record research paper presentations
  • Pre-record a lecture when you need to miss a class due to travel
  • Create demonstration modules
  • Producing software demonstrations

For Staff

  • Create training modules for your department
  • Produce software demonstrations
  • Create an introduction to your departments website

Best Practices


This affords you the ability to gather your thoughts in one place, create a coherent flow of ideas, and practice what you want to say. It will also most likely make the recording easier, and possibly shorter, as you will have already fully considered your points and will have a script to reference if you need it.
A script will also make it much easier if and when you need to add closed captions to your video.

What to Wear

Generally, you want to avoid clothes that will be distracting (shiny fabrics, bold prints or patterns), or that will get you lost in the background (white, yellow, lighter pastel colors), along with elaborate and/or shiny jewelry. It’s about finding a balance – you want to stand out in the video, but never distract your audience.

Eye Contact

When determining where to look during your recording, it’s best to think of the camera as a person who is part of the conversation. Looking at the camera will make it appear like you are making eye contact with your viewers when they watch your video, resulting in a more welcoming, engaging video. 


The U-Record Studio uses a ceiling mounted microphone to record audio, keep in mind the volume at which you are speaking, and your location relative to the microphone.
Try to keep your speaking tone and style very conversational, unless you have a specific reason to present yourself otherwise. Like eye contact, this keeps your video welcoming, relatable and engaging, and is typically a much better method for presenting information to your audience.
[Doc 31915 content is unavailable at this time.]

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