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Respondus – How do I use Respondus LockDown Browser with a Webcam [Respondus Monitor]? (Student)

Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam may also be referred to as Respondus LockDown Browser with Webcam. The webcam portion refers to the use of Respondus Monitor in addition to the Respondus LockDown Browser.

Getting Started

This YouTube video provides a great overview: Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser for Students [2:24]
Respondus Lockdown Browser is a secure internet browser application for taking quizzes in Canvas in a controlled online environment. With the Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam enabled, you are unable to search the web for answers, copy/paste the quiz content, record their screen, or perform other computer operations which can lead to compromised academic integrity or cause loss of focus due to unnecessary distractions. The Respondus Monitor tool is used to proctor online examinations and ensure the integrity of those examinations and student grades. Any audio/personal interactions with others or resources within your test environment are captured through the webcam recording. Through advanced analysis of recordings, suspicious behavior is flagged for your instructor’s attention.

The Respondus Privacy Statement can be found at

For courses in which the use of Monitor is required, contact the instructor with questions about the procedure for taking on-line examinations. All quizzes for which the instructor requires the Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor are designated with "Requires Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam" notation in the quiz title in Canvas

Using LockDown Browser and a Webcam for Online Quizzes

For courses in which the instructors require the use of LockDown Browser plus a webcam for online exams, the webcam is considered a “required course material”. If you do not already have a webcam, you may choose to borrow a webcam from family/friends, or they are available for purchase online. Check your course syllabi for how many times and when you will need a webcam over the semester. 

You must install Respondus LockDown Browser on your computer, for installation instructions, see Respondus - How do I set up and use Respondus LockDown Browser to take Canvas Quizzes? (Student)

Check Your Respondus Monitor Set-Up 

To ensure LockDown Browser and the webcam are set up properly, do the following:

  • Start LockDown Browser on your computer.
  • Log into Canvas and select a course that requires Respondus Monitor.
  • Locate and select the Help Center button on the LockDown Browser toolbar. 
  • Run the Webcam Check and, if necessary, resolve any issues.
  • Run the System & Network Check. If a problem is indicated, see if a solution is provided in the Knowledge Base. Troubleshooting questions can also be emailed to  
  • Exit the Help Center and locate the practice quiz in the course. If you are unable to locate a practice quiz titled “Practice Quiz - Required LockDown Browser + Webcam” or something similar to that in your course, contact your instructor to request access to a practice quiz.
  • Upon completing and submitting the practice quiz, exit LockDown Browser.
  • If your instructor has not provided a practice quiz in the Canvas course, you can self enroll in this course. It contains two different practice quizzes with different settings that will be available for the entire semester with unlimited attempts.

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