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Kaltura's integration with Canvas includes the Media Gallery. The Media Gallery is an excellent way for instructors and students to share videos in a central repository with other people in the class, instead of embedding recordings into specific course content.

As UW Oshkosh's Media Gallery guide explains, the Media Gallery is "a common space for videos within a course. Anyone enrolled in the course can see videos in Media Gallery. Instructors can place media from their My Media account and students can submit videos that will be displayed after they are approved by the instructor".

Enabling the Media Gallery

Before any user can add videos to a course Media Gallery, the instructor should first add the Media Gallery to the course navigation (Settings > Navigation). For detailed instructions, see Instructure's How do I manage Course Navigation links guide. 

Once the instructor has enabled the Media Gallery, they can configure it (Media Gallery > Channel Actions > Edit). For details on how to configure your Media Gallery, watch the How to Configure Media Gallery tutorial:

The default configuration enables both comments and moderation of student submissions.

Adding Videos to the Media Gallery

Once the Media Gallery is active in the course, any user in the course can submit videos to the Media Gallery:

1) In the course navigation on the left, click Media Gallery.

2) If no videos have been added to the Media Gallery yet, click Add Media. If videos have already been added, click the Media tab, then Add Media.

3) The Add Media page will list all of the videos that you own or have co-publisher rights to. Check the box next to each of the videos you'd like to add, and click Publish.

4) If you are a student in the course and your instructor has enabled the "Moderate Content" option, you will receive a message that your media is awaiting moderation. The instructor will have to approve your submission before others can see it in the Media Gallery.

Moderating Submissions

If you are an instructor in the course and you have left the default "Moderate Content" option enabled (see Enabling the Media Gallery, above), then you will have to approve the videos that students submit to the Media Gallery before others can see them.

To see videos awaiting moderation and approve or reject them:

1) Go to the course Media Gallery.

2) If there are submissions awaiting approval, click the new Pending tab.

Kaltura Media Gallery with the Pending tab highlighted and the Approve and Deny buttons highlighted

3) Check the box next to one or more submissions and click Approve or Reject.

4) Approved videos will now be visible to all users in the course who visit the Media Gallery.

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