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Boebel 104 Classroom Technology Guide

An overview of the classroom presentation system in Boebel 104.

Getting Started

Select your desired presentation mode from the touch panel:

  • AV Presentation - Local Recording: Use this mode when presenting with visual aids (PC, laptop, mobile device, etc) to a local audience. This mode also allows users to record to a USB flash drive using the room’s built-in USB recorder.
  • Audio Only – No Recording: This mode only turns on the audio equipment in the room. Used when presenting without visual aids, but sound reinforcement (such as a wireless microphone) is needed.
  • Web Conferencing – Cloud Recording: Use this mode when remote audiences need to view the presentation.

Presenting Information in AV Presentation Mode or Web Conferencing Mode

  1. Unmute the projector and flat-panel monitors by pressing the red “Projector Mute” and “Monitors Mute” buttons on the touch panel.
  2. Select your desired sources from the list of available options on the touch panel (PC, Document Camera, Device Share, HDMI, or VGA).
  3. Different sources can be displayed on the projector (the center screen) and the flat-panel monitors (the outside screens) by selecting different options from the “Projector Source” or “Monitors Source” banks.

Controlling the Room Camera in Web Conferencing Mode

  1. Press the red “Camera Power” button in the lower-right corner of the touch panel to turn the camera on.
  2. Press the “Camera Controls” button on the touch panel. A pop-up dialogue box will appear with controls to pan the camera side-to-side, tilt the camera up and down, and zoom the camera in and out.

Web Conferencing Device Names

When conducting a web conference, please ensure the following devices are selected in your web conferencing software:

  • Camera: Extron MediaPort 200
  • Microphone: Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Extron MediaPort200 Speakerphone)
  • Speaker: Speakerphone (Extron MediaPort 200 Speakerphone)

Using a Wireless Microphone

*NOTE* A microphone MUST be used when conducting a web conference or creating a recording (local OR cloud).

  1. Retrieve a wireless microphone from the charging station next to the document camera.
  2. Flip the switch on the body back or wireless handheld microphone to "ON".
  3. Press the red “Mic Mute” button on the LCD screen to unmute the microphone input.
  4. Use the “Up” and “Down” buttons under the “Mic Mute” button to adjust your volume appropriately.

Playing Audio From a Device

  1. Select your desired source from the list of available options on the touch panel.
  2. Press the red “Device Mute” button on the LCD screen to unmute the device audio input.
  3. Make sure the audio volume on your displayed device is turned up.
  4. Play your media on the displayed device. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrows under the “Device Mute” button to adjust your volume appropriately.

Creating a Local Recording in AV Presentation Mode

  1. Plug a USB into the USB recorder, located in the top of the equipment rack.
  2. Turn the camera on using the touch panel.
  3. Retrieve a microphone from the drawer. A microphone must be used when creating a local recording!
  4. Turn your microphone on (press and hold the power button on the microphone) and unmute the microphone on the touch panel.
  5. When you are ready to begin recording, press the record button on the USB recorder. The record button has a · icon on it.
  6. During your recording, press the “USB Recorder View” to monitor your recording. The computer’s monitor will switch to a split-screen view of the room’s camera and your computer presentation. This is what your final recording will look like.
  7. When finished, press the stop button on the USB recorder. The stop button has an icon on it. Wait 10 seconds before removing your USB drive from the recorder.

Shutting Down

  1. Press the “System Shutdown” button in the upper right corner of the LCD screen to turn the projector, sound system, and other AV components off.
  2. Log off of the in-room computer.

*** NOTE – This AV system is scheduled to automatically shut down after 120 minutes of inactivity. To reset the 120-minute timer, press any button on the LCD screen. If the system automatically shuts down, simply turn it back on by selecting a presentation mode on the LCD screen (see “Getting Started” section above)

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