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Getting to know Adobe Rush

Getting to know Adobe Rush is a brief introduction to the different areas within Adobe Rush.

Getting to know Adobe Rush

After launching Adobe Rush get to know the different parts

Opening screen. All your projects will be seen here, or you can pick a new project.



When you pick, Create New Project, another window will open. In the bottom left-hand corner, select a name for the new project.

Professional Tip: Before you Create your New Project, place your media (assets) in an easy-to-remember location. Make sure it is labeled correctly. Managing your media is so important. Save all media, assets, and projects that are related together.

After you name your new project, select the media you want to use.


Hit Create


Look around

Top Left-hand corner

File, Edit, Clip, Sequence, View, and Help

The Little House is Home, this will bring you back to the projects list page

The + sign allows you to add media or assets to the project

The file bin show you the assets associated with the current project

Edit and Share are the modes you are using. Editing is to edit your project, and Share is when you are ready to share it with the world.





 Professional Tip: Hover over a tool, and a pop-up window will appear to tell you all about the tool and its function.



Program window

The Program window shows you what is in your timeline and, more specifically, where your timeline indicator is currently located. It also has a play button, fast forward, rewind, and skid to the end buttons.


The blue line is the timeline indicator. You can grab the timeline indicator and slide it along your video. This is called scrubbing. It points to a specific point in time during your video.

The video is on the top, and the blue waveform below is called the audio waveform.

Along the left side of the video track is a lock to lock the video for any changes, a mute audio button, and a mute video button.


Effects bar on the upper right side of the screen


As you can see, Adobe Rush is a powerful tool. Take a look around and get comfortable with the basic tools before editing your first project. Watch the tutorial. It is very informative.

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