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Zoom - Student guide to Zoom online proctoring

A guide for students that will be using the Zoom online proctoring solution

This guide will give you tips and information that you need when taking a Zoom online proctored exam. Your instructor will provide you information as to what equipment you will need, and what you should and shouldn't have in your surrounding environment. They should schedule a session prior to the exam to test out the process and make sure that everyone is familiar and comfortable with how it is going to be run.

These are the different types of Zoom online proctoring are available to your instructor. These are general examples of what might be expected when using the different options, but your instructor may include differences, so please clarify with them to make sure that you are properly prepared.

Zoom online proctoring options
Set up option Option 1 - Webcam showing headshot Option 2 - Webcam showing workspace Option 3 - Webcam showing headshot/workspace + screen sharing
Exam view webcam headshot webcam environmental shot screensharing shot
Number of students It is recommended to not exceed 24 students for every 1 proctor, resulting in 25 webcam thumbnails on the proctor's screen. This will make it so that all participants can be viewed on 1 screen, albeit quite small in size. However, the cloud recording will capture only the 25 screen thumbnail displayed in the “gallery view” at any given time. This option will work only for 1-on-1 proctoring solutions as the exam taker would be required to share their compute screen during the exam
Student equipment required Computer
USB or built-in webcam
USB movable webcam
USB moveable webcam
Recommended exam type Online, open book Handwritten Online or handwritten

Zoom Desktop Client:
Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of Zoom Desktop Client. For instructions on how to sign into the Zoom Desktop client please refer see Student Guide to Zoom (

Test your technology: Prior to the scheduled proctored exam, you will want to make sure that your technology is working properly. This can be done by doing a test Zoom call by yourself or with someone else. Make sure to check that your web camera and microphone are working properly. This will ensure that there is less of a chance of technical errors at the time of the exam.

Prepare your workspace: You will want to clear your workspace of any unapproved materials. This includes books, papers, and other electronics. If your exam is an open book exam, make sure that only the approved materials are in your workspace. Your digital workspace (Zoom) will also need to be prepared for the exam. You will need to make sure that you remove any digital backgrounds before you start your exam so that your instructor can properly see your workspace.

Communicating during the exam: Your instructor will provide you with their preferred option of communicating during the exam, but you should know what and where the options are prior to.

Chat: You will be able to chat directly to your professor during the exam. Only you and your professor will be able to see the messages that you send. Your professor may send messages directly to students or to the entire participants list. This can be found along the toolbar on the bottom of the Zoom client.


Raise hand: This will notify your professor that you might have a question. They will choose how to communicate with you, either by chatting or unmuting you so that you may talk (everyone in the Zoom session will be able to hear your discussion). This can be found along the toolbar on the bottom of the Zoom client under the "Reactions" button. 


Finishing the exam: Please stay in the Zoom conference until the professor notifies you that you may leave. If you are submitting the exam through Canvas, the professor will likely check to make sure that you have submitted it prior to you leaving the room.

If you have any questions regarding your Zoom online proctored exam, please make sure to contact your professor. If you have technical questions regarding Zoom, feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk at x1400 or

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