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Checkout Laptop - Borrower's Responsibilities

Article detailing the laptop borrower terms and agreement for students at UW-Platteville; charges updated Spring 2019

Borrower Responsibilities:

  • Laptop must never be left unattended
  • Do not load personal software onto the laptop
  • Should any item be lost or damaged, you will be held responsible for the replacement or cost of the equipment.
  • Laptop must be returned after 72 hours or late fees will be assessed.
  • Late fees are $10/day.  Other registrar holds, and legal action may result.
  • If a laptop is not returned, it will be considered theft of University property.  A police investigation will be initiated and the patron will be charged full replacement costs.
  • The Office of Information Technology has the right to track any laptop not returned within the 72 hour check out period.
  • All policies governing the use of campus information technology resources apply to the use of the laptops.  The policy is available online at Policy: Equipment Checkout
  • After 3 violations of the above policies, future laptop checkout will be revoked for the period of one semester.

Return Policies:

  • Laptops must be returned after 72 hours of checkout time.
  • Laptops must be returned prior to the start of any extended break.
  • It is your responsibility to return the laptop during staffed hours.  Staffed hours are posted in each lab.
  • Laptops must be returned to an ITS Help Desk Consultant only.  Do not leave them at the front desk of the Library or with any other University staff.
  • Late fees are $10/day for each day late.  Please plan accordingly!
  • Laptops may not be checked out immediately after check-in.  A minimum one hour waiting period is required.  This will allow other patrons to have the opportunity to use this limited resource.

Laptop Care:

  • Keep the laptop at room temperature.  Do not expose the laptop to excessive temperatures (such as leaving the laptop in your car in winter/summer).
  • Avoid dusty or dirty work environments.  Dust and dirt can clog the internal mechanisms of the laptop.  Any laptop returned dirty will result in a fine of $10.
  • Always log out and shut down when your work is completed. Do not leave the laptop on overnight.
  • Do not simply unplug the laptop.  Make sure it is shut down properly.
  • Keep all liquids away from the laptop.  Liquid will cause extreme damage and will result in a fine!
  • Be careful not to bump, drop, or place objects on the laptop.
  • When transporting the laptop, make sure to use the provided carrying case.

Laptop Fines: Effective Spring 2019

 Offense  Charge per Offense, unless indicated otherwise
 2nd Offense
 3+ Offenses
 Late return  $10/day  $15/day  $20/day and loss of privileges for 90 days (not including breaks)
 Broken/missing key  $5/key    
 Excessively dirty  $5-10    
 Damaged screen  $100    
 Broken casing/body  Starting at $100    
 Returned with viruses  $30  $40  $50
 Missing power supply  $50    
 Lock/unlock  $25    
 Dirty bag (including excessive smoke odor)  $15    
 Missing laptop bag  $25    
 Excessive cosmetic damage  Starting at $10    
 Completely damaged and not reparable  Replacement cost    
 Not returned  Replacement cost    
 Other damage not listed  Starting at $10    
If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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