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WACOM HD-Touch Tablet - How to use the WACOM Tablet with Microsoft Powerpoint

A step by step guide on how to use the WACOM tablet with Microsoft Powerpoint

1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint

2. In PowerPoint, touch the Wacom pen to the screen to activate it.  This will automatically pull up the INK TOOLS/PENS tab.

Screen shot of location for Ink Tools/Pen in menu bar

3. On the far left of the tab, you will see 5 functions for using the pen.

4. The first function is "Pen."  This function allows one to write on slides using the Wacom pen.

  •  NOTE: This will only write on the slides, not the rest of the Powerpoint screen.

Pen function under the File option in upper left corner of screen.

5. The second function is the "Highlighter."  This allows one to highlight anything on a slide.

Higher function under the File option in upper left corner of screen

6. Change the color of the pen or highlighter by selecting the color of ink in the pens window.  One can also select the Color button and select from a wider range of colors.

  • Change the thickness of the writing by clicking the Thickness button and select a thickness.

Highlighter options und the Pen option in the menu bar

7. Erase written objects by selecting Eraser and dragging across the screen.  One can also use the other side of the pen to erase.

  • NOTE: When erasing ink on a slide, the eraser will erase wholes lines of ink.  Anything connected to the line you wish to erase will be erased also.

Eraser function under the File option on the menu bar.

8. Lasso Select allows one to select a large group of ink on a slide.

Lasso Select under File option on menu bar

9. "Select Objects" allows the pen to act like a regular mouse, one can click and highlight things in the same fashion as a normal mouse.

Select Objects under File option on menu bar

10. Stop using the pen by clicking the Stop Inking button the top right of the PENS tab.

Stop Inking function under Ink Tools on menu bar

11. While presenting, control the presentation with the pen by using the buttons in the lower left corner of the screen.

  • Left arrow: click it to go to the previous slide
  • Right arrow: click to go to the next slide
  • Pen button: click to control the functionality of the pen (pen, highlight, laserpointer)
  • Laserpointer: allows one to point to something without drawing on the slide (don't need to physically touch the pen to the screen)

12. Keep markings on slides by clicking Keep at the end of the presentation.  Select Discard to remove them.

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