Hardware- Setting up ResponseWare (Instructor)

Instructions on how to set up ResponseWare.

1.  Click Enable in the upper right corner of the TurningPoint Dashboard

Clicker Connect

2.  Optionally, click Session Options to configure participant settings.  Adjust the session options as necessary as click Save.

  • Require Participant Accounts - Place a check in the box next to this option to require participants to have licensed accounts to be able to respond.  This option is only available if you have a Concurrent License applied to your Turning Account.

  • Participant Session Login Information - First Name, Last Name, User ID, and Email can be set to Optional, Require, or Don't Show.

    - If set to Require, participants will be prompted to enter the required fields prior to joining the session.

    - If set to Optional, participants will be prompted to enter the optional fields, but can join the session without entering the information.

    - If set to Don't Show, participants will not be prompted to enter the optional fields and the fields will not appear in TurningPoint Cloud reports.

  • "Participant Messaging" - Presenters can configure the messaging feature so that participants can message the presenter and all other participants, the presenter only, or disable messaging.

    - "Participants May Message Presenter and All Participants" - A participant can choose to message the presenter alone or the presenter and all participants in the session.

    - "Participants May Message the Presenter Only" - A participant can send direct messages to the presenter.

    - "Disable Participant Messaging" - Participant messaging is disabled, but presenters retain the ability to message the group or individual participants.
- "Participant Question Display" -  Presenters can configure the question display feature so that questions will display text, images, and content or display buttons only to the participants.
Display Options
- "Display Text, Images, and Content to Participants" - Participants will be shown text images and content.

- "Display Response Buttons Only" - Participants will only be shown the response buttons.

3.  Click Start Session.

4.  Click Close to return to the TurningPoint Dashboard.

5.  Select either PowerPoint Polling or Anywhere Polling from the TurningPoint Dashboard.

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