Camtasia 2 for Mac - Editing Clips, Adding Animations, and Zooming and Panning

This article will instruct users on how to edit clips, add animations, and zoom and pan in Camtasia 2 for Mac.

Editing the Beginning or End of a Clip

1. Move the cursor to the beginning or end of a clip
2. Place the cursor on the edge until a double sided arrow appears
3. Drag the edge of the clip to the desired cut off area
Note: the edit can be undone by going back to the edge of the clip and dragging it back to it original length.

Editing the middle of the clip

1. Shift-click-drag over the area of clip desired to be removed
2. Control click the highlighted section
3. Click Ripple Delete Range to delete the part and merge the new separated clips together
Camtasia mac editing

Adding Animations

1. Click the Animations tab
2. Drag the Custom Animation option where an animation is desired
Custom Animation
3. Double click the dot at the end of the animation arrow to edit the animation
  • Use the scale slider to increase or decrease the size of the objectUse opacity to change how transparent or opaque an object is
  • Use the position tool to move the object around, or move the object on the canvas (objects take the most straight line path to their endpoint throughout the animation, objects will move from where they are at the beginning of the arrow to where they are at the end of the arrow)
  • Use the rotation tool to rotate the object or make it spin

Zooming and Panning


1. Go to the Animations tab and find the zoom animation
2. Drag it to the part of the clip you would like to zoom in
3. Click the end of the arrow and zoom in using the scroll wheel or the scale slider (it is possible to type a number instead) on the right hand side, also choose a duration
4. To go back to the normal zoom, add another Zoom Animation and make the scale slider go back to one hundred percent


1. Add a Custom Animation from the animation tab by dragging the custom animation square to the clip
Pan animation
2. Line up the beginning of the arrow with where the pan will start
3. Click the circle on the end of the arrow and drag the video until it is panned over what should be shown
4. Add another Custom Animation where the pan should end and move the video back to it original position or where it should pan next
Feel free to contact the Teaching and Technology Center (TTC) at or 608.342.1798.

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