PaperCut - Access Copy and Scan features of networked multifunction device (MFD)

How to log into the PaperCut embedded applet to use the copy or scan feature of a multifunction device (MFD). When finished, it is very important that you log out of the PaperCut application so others do not make copies using your print account!

 Log into the PaperCut applet

1. Log into the PaperCut applet on the RICOH multi-function device (MFD) by tapping your Campus Card against the Blackboard card reader adjacent to the control panel or typing your UW-Platteville NetID and password into the PaperCut login screen using the on-screen keyboard.

Note: If the control panel is black, tap the center of the screen once to wake up the device.

Note: If the PaperCut login screen is not displayed, tap the PaperCut icon on the Home screen to open the PaperCut login screen. 

Activate Device functions

In order to use the copier or scanner, you must activate the device functions through PaperCut. If you do not, the copier and scanner functions will not be available. The icons will not even appear on the Home screen. 

1. Press the "Device functions" button.

2. On the Access approved screen, press the "Use device functions" button. This should take you to the device's Home screen.

3. On the Home screen, select the button for the function you want to use: Copier, Scanner, etc.

4. Use function as normal.

Access another function or release print jobs

1. If you want to use another device function or print release, tap the Home icon.

Use Copier or Scanner

1. From the Home screen, tap the app you want to use. Reference steps 3-4 of "Activate Device functions".

Use Print release

1. If you also want to release a print job, return to the PaperCut application.
2. On the Home screen, tap the PaperCut icon.

3. If the PaperCut account screen is loaded, press the back arrow button on the screen to return to the PaperCut Actions screen.

4. Follow instructions in the linked ITS KnowledgeBase document: PaperCut - Release print jobs from copier control panel .

Log out of the PaperCut applet

Important: Remember to logout of PaperCut! Any copies made during a PaperCut session are charged to the person logged in. If a PaperCut session is left active on a multifunction device, then other people can charge copies to the active account -- using your print allotment or Campus Cash.

1. Touch your Campus Card to the card reader or press the "Log out" button on the screen

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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