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PASS - Adding Faculty and/or Advisor Homepages and Tiles (9.2)

Information and a how-to guide instructing faculty and/or advisors on adding and editing their personal homepages and tiles.

PASS 9.2 is designed to allow for user personalization of custom homepage(s) to make navigations faster and more efficient.

After logging in, the main page will appear similar to the one shown below:

A video also exists that covers much of this information.  You can view the video by clicking on the PASS Quick Start tile on your homepage as shown below or by clicking this link: Quick Start.

Buttons on the top right corner are used to navigate in PASS 9.2:

a.  Home icon - This button returns to the default homepage.
b.  Magnifying Glass icon - This button is used to search for pages and provide navigations.
c.  3 Bars Action icon - This button expands menu to allow for additional actions.
d.  NavBar icon - This button expands the navigational menu similar to the one previously used.
The drop-down arrow next to the homepage name will display the list of all available homepages you can choose from:

If you are just signing into PASS 9.2 for the first time and do not have My PASS Homepage listed as one of your homepages in the homepage drop-down, you will first need to add My PASS Homepage as one of your homepages, so it is available for you to add a tile to in the next section of this article.
  1. From the homepage you logged into, click the 3 Bars Action  button.

  2. Click Personalize Homepage.
  3. Click Add Homepage on the left side of the screen.

  4. Choose My PASS Homepage from the Add Homepage popup.

  5. Click Save.  You will be sent to the My PASS Homepage showing you it has been added.

There are 2 different ways to add homepages/tiles. This first way is used most often.

I.  Using the NavBar, navigate to the page to be added as a tile (shortcut).

For example - add Class Search as a tile on your My PASS Homepage...

  1. Click on the NavBar button.
  2. Click on the Navigator button.
  3. Click Self Service in the menu.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click Class Search.
  6. The following page the 3 Bars Action button.

[The menu shown in the screen shot above appears and allows you to add this page to a homepage, directly to the NavBar itself, or include it in Favorites.]

       7. Click Add to Homepage.

[The Add to Homepage option popup will appear. Within this box, you can choose to add this page as a tile to either an existing homepage listed or create a new one by entering a name in the text box provided and then clicking Add.]

       8,  Click My PASS Homepage.

       9.  Click OK on Add To popup that appears.

If you had chosen to create a new Homepage and clicked Add in Step 7, this is the popup that would have appeared. 

    10.  Click Home and navigate to the homepage the tile was added to, if it isn't the one that appears.

Besides creating tiles for a specific page, you can also create them at folder level.

For example, if you want to create a tile as a shortcut to 'Campus Personal Information'...

  1. Click on the NavBar button.
  2. Click on the Navigator button.
  3. Proceed down through the menus until you get to the final level, in this case, click Self Service, then Campus Personal Information.
  4. Click Names - notice a menu appears on the left-side of the page.
  5. Click the parent level folder of the section you want to create a tile for.  In this case, you'll click Campus Personal Information as shown below.

  6. Click the 3 Bar Action button.
  7. Click Add to Homepage.
  8. Let's create a new Homepage - Enter a name in the text box where it shows "Add to this Homepage".  Click Add.

  9. Click Home button and verify the Campus Personal Information tile shows on the homepage it was added to.
  10. Click on the Campus Personal Information tile and you'll see how you now go to the folder level without needing to navigate down through the menus.

II.  The second option is best used if you want to create a bunch of homepages all at once prior to adding tiles to them OR if there are existing homepages you'd like to make changes to.

  1. From homepage, click the 3 Bars Action button.

  2. Click Personalize Homepage. The Personalize Homepage page will appear as shown below.

    • When Cancel [1] is clicked, you leave the page without anything being saved.
    • When Add Homepage [2] is clicked , the popup appears allowing you to name/create a new one.
    • When Save [3] is clicked, any changes are saved and you are returned to the Homepage you made changes to when you saved.
    • When Add Tile [4] is clicked, the popup appears allowing you to add any of the tiles listed to the homepage you are currently working in. The search function is limited to results from within the Add Tiles available.

    • When the red X [5] on a tile is clicked, the tile will be deleted from the homepage you are working in.  If the red X follows a homepage's name in the left section, the homepage will be deleted.  These deletions will only take place if SAVE is clicked.
    • When the edit icon  [6] on a tile is clicked, the popup appears providing you the option to either move this tile to a new homepage from the list or to copy it to the new homepage, which means the tile will exist on both.

You can also change which created homepage opens as the Home homepage.

  1. On the left side of the page where all the available homepages are listed, decide which one you'd like to set as your Home  homepage.

  2. Place your cursor arrow over that name and hold down the left mouse button.
  3. With the left mouse button still held down, drag the chosen homepage name to the top of the list and release the left mouse button. Click Save.

  4. Click Home to verify the chosen page is now your default Home  page.
  5. **If this is the first time you have added a homepage, you will either need to repeat this process or sign out of PASS and back in for this homepage reordering to take effect.  After the first homepage has been added and verified, you will be able to follow these steps as written without needing to repeat steps or sign in and out.**

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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