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Policy - Software Aquisition for Campus Systems

Information gathering regards to Software acquisition for campus systems.

The Basics

  1. About the Software
    1. What is the name of this software?  
    2. What does this software do?
    3. Who is the manufacturer?
      1. Name
      2. Web site address
      3. Primary sales contact person
      4. Primary technical support contact point
    4. Who is the re-seller?
      1. Name
      2. Web site address
      3. Primary sales contact person
      4. Primary technical support contact point
  2. Licensing
    1. What are the terms of use?
      1. Are the licenses for standalone computers, license manager, or other?
      2. Can it be installed on the virtual desktop?
    2. How many licenses are needed or that you plan to purchase?
    3. What is the duration of license? 
      1. What are the renewal terms?
      2. Who renews?
      3. How are the licenses, renewal fees, etc. paid for?  What budget?
    4. Maintenance agreements

Other Helpful Information to Expedite the Process

  1. Idea origination
    1. Where did you get the idea to use this software?  
    2. This could be another source of technical help.
  2. Intended use
    1. How many students per year or per semester will be using this software?
    2. What is the anticipated usage level?
      1. How heavily will this software be used?  One lesson?  One hour?  How many days or weeks?
      2. At the beginning, middle, or end of semester?  Or all semester long?
    3. On the instructor side of things
      1. Does it need to be loaded on the instructor’s office computer?
      2. Are there any differences between software installs for students and for the instructor(s)?
    4. Are other departments going to use this software?
  3. Computer details
    1. What are the location(s) of computers?
    2. How many computers?
  4. Technical specifications
    1. How much memory is required?
    2. What of the video requirements?
    3. Are there any special external devices needed?
    4. Will it connect to any external devices?
    5. Are dongles required?
    6. Are there any other dependencies?
  5. Software acquisition
    1. What must happen before the software can be obtained?
      1. Is any computer hardware acquisition required?
      2. Other equipment acquisition
      3. Remodeling of physical facilities
      4. Other?
    2. How is the software being paid for?
      1. Internal budgets: departmental, college, school, unit, 
      2. Foundation account
      3. External funding source?
      4. Other?
    3. How is it being acquired?
      1. Via UWP purchasing office?
      2. Donated?
      3. Other?
    4. Is any special training required before software can be acquired or used?
      1. By instructors?
      2. By ITS personal?
If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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