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Videoconferencing Etiquette and Tips

Tips for proper videoconferencing etiquette and preparation

Before the Meeting

  • Arrive well before your video conference starts to test the videoconferencing system.  This gives time to troubleshoot potential issues. 
  • Do an audio check before the virtual meeting begins to ensure that everyone can hear you.
  • If you are planning on screen-sharing content, make sure to have it open ahead of time.  No one enjoys waiting for you to find your files during the meeting. 
  • When screen-sharing, make sure all sensitive data is out of sight.  You don’t want to accidentally share confidential or protected information. 
  • Minimize glare and uneven lighting by pulling the shades on windows and doors and avoid having your back to a window.
  • Make sure the room has adequate lighting, typically what would be used for standard office work. If it's too dark, the other sites won't be able to see you clearly.
  • Wear neutral, muted, or pastel solid colors. Avoid plaids, stripes, polka dots, very bright colors, and the colors white or red—they can cause distracting effects on screen.

During the Meeting

  • Speak in a normal voice, you shouldn't have to shout.  If they cannot hear you properly, you may need to move closer to your microphone. 
  • Talk directly into the microphone. Do not turn your head from side to side while talking or your voice will fade in and out at the remote site.
  • When you ask questions, it is best to ask them of a specific site or person so that they know that they are being addressed.  People can miss questions due to not having visible queues of being looked at directly.  
  • When you are not actively speaking, it is a good idea to keep your microphone muted.  This prevents unwanted noise from being broadcast during the call and eliminates the possibility of echo issues.
  • Looking directly into the camera will give the illusion that you are looking directly at the people on the other side.

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