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Canvas: Outcomes - Assessing with Rubrics

After adding outcomes to a course, it is possible to align those outcomes with assignments, quizzes or discussions, which can be graded with SpeedGrader.

Using Outcome Rubrics to Provide Assignment Points

If you haven't created a Rubric for your course, use the following instructions: How do I add a rubric in a course? - Instructure Community ( After an outcome rubric has been added to an assignment (see How do I add a rubric to an assignment? - Instructure Community (, it is possible to use SpeedGrader to assess student achievement of the outcome.

  1. Navigate to the assignment through Modules or through the Assignments list. Choose the assignment and at the top right, select "Edit."

  2. Scroll to the "Points" textbox and enter the number of points that corresponds to the rubric points.
  3. Scroll down, then hit "Save." 

  4. Next, we must make sure the rubric is able to be used for grading, to do that, scroll down to the attached rubric.

  5. In the top right corner of the rubric, select the pencil or edit button to edit the Rubric settings.
    Rubric Edit 1
  6. Scroll down, check the box that reads, "Use this rubric for assignment grading."

  7. Then, hit "Update rubric."
**Be sure that the Total Points in a rubric match the point value in the assignment settings.
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Assessing the Assignment with the Outcome Rubric

  1. In the desired assignment, on the upper right, click "SpeedGrader."

  2. On the right side, click "View Rubric."
    Speedgrader 11
  3. When the rubric appears, grade the assignment using the rubric. Click in the box in each line of the rubric that indicates the score you assess the student.

  4. When done grading the rubric, it should show a number of points at the bottom.
    Speedgrader 12

  5. When you click Save, the points should populate the student grade box outside of the rubric. If it does not seem to populate this automatically, check to be sure you have set up your rubric for assignment grading.

  6. If you would like to provide any specific comments to the student, you may enter them in the associated box and click "Submit."  The submit button is only necessary if you have provided comments. You need only save the scoring rubric when you have completed the assessment to populate the student score.

    Note: the student's grade should appear at the top of the page in the blue header.

  7. At the top right of the page, click the left or right arrows to move onto the next submission.

See also: How do I use a rubric to grade submissions in Spee... - Instructure Community ( 

If you have questions, please contact the TTC at 608.342.1798 or

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