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Unified Communications - Cisco Jabber for Windows - Getting Started Guide

This document will help you configure and use the Cisco Jabber client on Windows.

Install and Run Cisco Jabber
Logging in
Getting Started
Connecting the Phone
Placing a Call
Answering a Call

Install and Run Cisco Jabber 

1.Installed Cisco Jabber from the Software Center.
2.Find and run Cisco Jabber from the start menu.

Jabber in Start Menu

Logging In: 

1.Enter your email address in the blank provided.
2.Press Continue.

Cisco Jabber Login

This process may take several seconds; Jabber is updating its configuration.
When the configuration is complete the login window will prompt for your Username and Password

3.Enter your UW-Platteville NetID in the first blank if it is not already entered.
4.Enter your password in the second blank.
5.Press Sign In
Jabber Login

When you first login you are provided the opportunity to take a quick tour of Cisco Jabber. 
1. You can take the tour by pressing Next or skip the tour by pressing Skip.

Cisco Jabber Tour Prompt

Connecting the Phone:

When you first login check to make sure your phone is connected.  The Status in indicated by the computer icon at the bottom.  If this icon is red, the phone is not connected.

Phone Connection

1. To connect the phone press the red computer icon.
2. In the "Device for calls" list select Use my computer.     
Set Phone Connection

3. The computer icon will turn green when the phone connects.  If your phone does not connect please contact the ITS Help Desk (x1400 or
Phone Connected

Before you begin using Jabber to place or answer calls you will need to configure Jabber to use the correct speakers, microphone and camera.

1. Enter the Jabber setting by selecting the My Profile and Settings Menu item and selecting Settings.
Open Settings

Audio Settings
1. In the "Settings" Menu, select the Audio section
2. Change the Speaker to the audio output you want to hear the phone conversation.
3. Change the Microphone to the input you will use to talk during a phone conversation.
4. Ensure Keep using the current microphone or speaker is selected.  This will prevent the audio setting from changing if you use different audio sources on your computer or laptop.
Audio Settings

Video Settings
1. In the Settings Menu, select the Video section
2. Select the desired Camera from the list.
3. Press Apply
4. Remember to close the shutter or place something in front of the camera when you are not using it to protect your privacy.
Video Settings

Outlook Settings
1. In the Settings Menu, select the Outlook Section.
2. Uncheck Save chat sessions to "Cisco Jabber Chats" folder in Microsoft Outlook.
3. Press Apply to save these changes.

Outlook Settings

4. Press OK to close the settings window

To place a call:

1. Select the Contact in your contact list and press the call button.
Place a Call - Contact List

2. Type the persons name in the search box to search the directory, and press the call button.
Place Call - Search

3. Enter the number in the search box
Place Call - Enter Number

When you have an incoming call, the incoming call notification will appear in the lower right corner of your display. 
1.  Press the Answer button to answer the call. 
2.  Pressing Decline will send the call immediately to voicemail.
Answer a Call

Set your status to tell others when you are busy or available.
1. Select the My profile and settings menu, then Status.
2. Use one of the preset status messages or create your own by selecting Add Custom Status...


The contact section allow you to list those you communicate most frequently.

Add a contact
1. To add a contact, use the search box to find the individual in the directory.  
2. In the address book entry select press the Add button.
Add Contact

Chats will enable you send instant messages to other Jabber users.

The calls section will show you a history of calls placed or received in Jabber.


If you have the Outlook desktop client installed, the meetings section will display upcoming meetings.


The Voicemail section will enable you to listen to and manage your voicemail messages.
1. Select the message to see the option on the right (Play, Replay, Reply, Forward, and additional option to return the call, mark as unread, and delete the message.)


If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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