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University Policy: Facilities Management



UNIVERSITY POLICY                                      

Date Revised: February 2023

Date Effective: July 1, 2023

Facilities Management Chargeback

Responsible University Official(s): Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Policy Owner: Facilities Management  

Policy Contact: Facilities Management


The purpose of this policy is to document consistent policies and procedures for charging back Physical Plant services on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus.  This policy refers and conforms to UW System Financial Administration Policies 322 (Physical Plant Service Chargebacks) and 320 (Internal Services Chargebacks).


University of Wisconsin – Platteville Facilities Management provides a variety of services to the University community.  One set of services revolve around maintaining and operating University Facilities, including academic, office and resident buildings.  Based on University of Wisconsin System policies, there are requirements as to what services are provided to the University community as a part of the base budget of the department, how services are provided to self-supported departments and what services are to be charged back to departments in general. 


UW-Platteville Physical Plant is the sole entity authorized to complete or contract for any building modification, repair, improvement, installation or replacement or any other building, facility or grounds related work.  This includes furniture, fixtures, and equipment.  UW-Platteville Physical Plant services chargeback policy conforms to the following UW System Policies:  UW System Financial Administration Policies 322 (Physical Plant Service Chargebacks) and 20 (Internal Services Chargebacks); and 316 (Auxiliary Enterprises Support Services Chargebacks).


The purpose of this policy is to implement UW System policies at UW-Platteville.  If a conflict arises between the policies, UW System policy will be followed.

The following areas of service are funded centrally at UW-Platteville:

  • Grounds maintenance services, including lawn mowing, general landscaping, snow removal from sidewalks and public streets.
  • Custodial services to include routine cleaning for academic, academic support, and related spaces.
  • Building maintenance services, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, architectural repairs, classroom maintenance and related work within academic, academic support and related spaces.
  • Replacement of building finishes in line with industry standards and budgetary capacity. 
  • Building furniture and finishes within academic buildings per established replacement timeframes and budgetary capacity.
  • General assignment classroom maintenance, including paint, carpet, and furniture.
  • Maintenance and repair of HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems and fixtures that are part of the basic building structure. 
  • Buildings not charged for routine maintenance are:


    • Ullrich Hall***
    • Art Building
    • Center for the Arts*
    • Williams Fieldhouse*
    • Boebel Hall
    • Ottensman Hall
    • Russell Hall
    • Pioneer Tower
    • Karrmann Library
    • Busby Hall
    • Pioneer Greenhouse
    • Brigham Hall
    • Royce Hall
    • Gardner Hall
    • Warner Hall
    • Giese Facility Management Bldg
    • Ullsvik Hall**
    • Sesquicentennial Hall


***-Partnerships with other Universities/Campuses that utilize UW-Platteville facilities are subject to maintenance chargebacks per established University of Wisconsin System guidelines.

**-Professional Program Support and Velzy Commons are both program revenue spaces and are subject to maintenance chargebacks. 

*-CFA and Williams Fieldhouse contain some self-supporting functions.  Some maintenance activities are chargeable. 

Work to be charged back to the requesting department includes the following general areas:

  • Any work done for a self-supporting or auxiliary department; any renovation work done in a building that is requested by a specific department
  • Maintenance, repair, installation, or removal of any departmentally owned equipment.  This may include department laboratory equipment, department specific laboratory support equipment not a part of an established building system, or specific furniture or fixtures.
    • Examples include water filtration equipment, laboratory compressed air systems, laboratory vacuum, laboratory gas distribution, specialized electrical systems, etc.
  • Upgrades to department specific laboratory spaces, including furniture, equipment, fixtures, finishes, etc.
  • Replacement of building finishes outside of established replacement cycles.
  • Departmentally requested building modifications, including remodeling offices, adding new offices, classroom changes outside the classroom management plan, and laboratory changes.
  • Departmentally requested moves of equipment, furniture and related items, not due to a routine maintenance activity (such as carpet cleaning).
  • Special events set up including, electrical needs, locating of utilities, and non-standard use of general facilities.
  • Buildings that contain self-supporting or auxiliary type functions in which routine maintenance is chargeable:
    • McGregor Hall
    • Wilgus Hall
    • Dobson Hall
    • Melcher Hall
    • Porter Hall
    • Morrow Hall
    • Hugunin Hall
    • Brockert Hall
    • Pickard Hall
    • Southwest Hall
    • Bridgeway Commons
    • Glenview Commons
    • Markee Pioneer Student Center
    • Ralph E Davis Pioneer Stadium
    • Pioneer Greenhouse
    • FISCH
    • Pioneer Farm


  • Lists are not all inclusive and may be modified to reflect changes in technology, budgetary pressures, and UW System Policy changes.  In general, work that is requested by a specific department that lies outside of general use of a facility is subject to chargeback.



Submitting a Work Request:

  • All Work Requests must be submitted online through the TMA portal: http://tmaprod.ion.uwplatt.edu:82/  
  • Requests should include specific information on type of work, location (building and room number), contact information of individual requesting work and account number if the work falls within a chargeback portion of policy.
  • Work orders are received by Facilities Management staff, prioritized, and assigned to appropriate staff.
  • Facilities Management prioritization is as follows:
    • Health and Safety
    • Preventative Maintenance
      • Building Envelope
      • Electrical
      • Plumbing
      • Heating
      • Ventilation
      • Air Conditioning
    • Corrective Maintenance
      • Building Envelope
      • Electrical
      • Plumbing
      • Heating
      • Air Conditioning
      • Building Finishes
    • Building Improvements for Students and Academics
    • Departmentally requested improvements


  • Labor Chargeback rates are determined by the UW-Platteville Budget office annually.  Procedures for calculating labor chargeback rates will conform to UW System Administrative Policy 322. 
  • A burden rate (consumable material cost) for each labor class will be calculated annually by the UW-Platteville Budget Office. 
  • Once work is complete, work orders are completed by Facilities Management staff and information on time and materials are entered into the CMMS system.  Labor chargebacks will include all time required to complete a specific job.  This includes travel, consult, purchasing and staging time. 
  • Facilities Management will complete chargebacks according to the monthly chargeback procedure.  The offsetting account entry for each chargeback will be listed as a sales credit. 
  • Any use of outside contractors, such as moving, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC, will be contracted by Facilities Management and charged to the benefitting department.


Monthly Chargeback Procedure:

  • A report is generated from TMA (Work Order Detail by Account) monthly, usually on the 1st or 2nd working day of the month.  The report includes all work orders which have a chargeback account number with a closing date that falls into the prior month. The closing date is determined by the date labor and materials are entered into TMA, not the actual date work was performed.
  • An email with the TMA report attached is sent to each account manager with an account number included on the report as is required by Financial Services policy.  The account managers have seven days to request clarification.  At the end of the seven-day period, the report is copied into the Financial Services chargeback folder.  Staff in Financial Services makes the ledger entries to transfer funds from the requesting account to the Facilities Management account.
  • Disputes over the amount of a specific chargeback will first be brought to the attention of the Facilities Management Financial Specialist by the department being assessed the charges, and then if not resolved to the Director of Facilities Management. 
  • Disputes over what items are chargeable versus non-chargeable will first be brought to the Director of Facilities Management by the affected department and then if not resolved to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services.  



Position/Office: Facilities Management
Responsibilities: Maintenance and Repair of University buildings and grounds   






Facilities Management Main Office

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Assistant Director, Buildings and Grounds Superintendent

John Niehaus



Project Management, Engineering and Design

Katrina Hecimovic





UW System Policies: 





SCHEDULED REVIEW: Policies are reviewed annually. 

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