Policy: Use of University Facilities

University Policy: Facilities

Use of University Facilities (revised January 2009)

This policy is under revision. See revised draft policy here: https://kb.uwplatt.edu/adminservices/96565

I. Preface - UWP
The policy statement is prepared with the scope and authority of Chapter UWS 21 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville recognizes its commitment to the requests for facility use by the University Community and residents of the state to the extent resources permit. The document sets forth the policies governing the use of all campus facilities (buildings and surrounding and connecting grounds). Non-University groups may use facilities only upon the invitation of or under the sponsorship of a University department or organization as specified in UWS 21.

II.Facility Scheduling and Prime Priorities - UWP

A.Program Appropriateness and Facility Appropriateness
Program appropriateness and facility appropriateness are primary considerations, which should be made in scheduling. Program developers shall provide rationale for the facility requested and must-consider the question of appropriateness. Scheduling of specific facilities at UW-Platteville is delegated by the Chancellor to facility schedulers as listed in section II D. These schedulers may determine whether or not to permit use of a facility based on UWS Chapter 21 and this policy. The decision may not be based on the content of any programs.

B.Facility Scheduling Guidelines
Activities scheduled within facilities will be permitted according to priorities designated in Section II C.1. Schedulers will follow these priorities in permitting the use of a facility. In addition, schedulers will apply the criteria of UWS Chapter 21.03 and 21.04.

C.Established Priorities for Various Campus Facilities
The priorities for use of campus facilities vary according to the facility type and may include timelines and calendar restrictions for specific facilities. The letter in front of the described space indicates the general level of priority given to the activity or user group (with "a" being the highest priority) for various facilities on campus:
1.Instructional Buildings/Spaces
a. Instruction: Lecture Space, Laws, and Studios (Music and Art)
b. Open Labs and Independent Study
c. Educational Programs, i.e., Conferences, Workshops, etc
d. Non-University Groups and/or Organizations

2.Center for the Arts (CFA)
a. Music and Fine Arts Instruction
b. Plays and Music Activities that are part of the University Programs
c. Other Instruction
d. University Activities
e. Lecture
f. Non-University Groups and/or Organizations

3. Pioneer Student Center, Glenview Commons & Ullsvick Center Velzy Commons
a. Food Service functions have priority in what is generally a food service facility
b. University activities where food is served
c. University activities/lectures where food is NOT served
d. University Registered Student Groups and Organizations
e. University and Administration Groups and/or Organizations
f. Non-University Groups and/or Organizations

4. Harry & Laura Nohr Gallery
a. Arts Programming
b. University activities where food is served
c. University activities/lectures where food is NOT served
d. University Registered Student Groups and Organizations
e. University Rand Administration Groups and/or Organizations
f. Non-University Groups and/or Organizations

5. Grounds
a. Normal Traffic and Lounging
b. Open Recreation
c. Instruction and Related Activities
d. Other Activities

6. Health & Physical Education Facilities, Athletic Fields, Ralph. E. Davis Pioneer Stadium, Pioneer Activity Center
a. Physical Education Classes
b. Varsity Games and Practices
c. Intramural Athletics
d. University Events and Activities
e. Open Recreation
f. Club Sport Activities
g. Administrative Events
h. Other Events

7. Memorial Park, the "M", Gardens and Gazebo
a. Normal Traffic and Lounging
b. University Events and Activities
c. Non-University Events and Activities

8. Housing Facilities
a. User Fee Students: Students under contract for use of residence halls
b. University groups paying for use of facilities
c. Non-University groups paying for the use of facilities
d. University Groups not paying for use of facilities

9. Living and Learning Center at the Pioneer Farm
a. University groups paying for use of facilities
b. Non-University groups paying for use of facilities

10. Pioneer Farm
a. Instruction: Lecture Space, Labs, and Studios (Music and Art)
b. Open Labs and Independent Study
c. Educational Programs, i.e., Conferences, Workshops, etc
d. Non-University Groups and/or Organizations

D.Space Assignment Usage
Each facility on the University campus has been designed for a primary function such as: instruction, related programs, research activities, and public service. The University regulates the use of space to insure that it is being used for its function and to aid in assuring overall development of program and activity planning.

Scheduling of facilities is delegated by the Chancellor as follows:

Category of Space - Scheduling Delegations
  • Instructional Space (A=Classrooms; B=Laboratories, consultation with appropriate department administrator and building supervisor) A- Registrar 342-1321, B=Department Chairs
  • Williams Fieldhouse and Pioneer Activity Center - Director of Intramurals and Recreation 342-1568
  • Health & Physical Education Classrooms in Williams Fieldhouse - Before 3:00pm -Registrar; After 3:00pm - Director of Intramurals and Recreation 342-1568
  • Athletic Game and Practice Fields - Athletic Director - 342-1567
  • Recreation Facilities (basketball courts in Memorial Park, outdoor volleyball courts, disc golf course, Miners Field, intramural/club sports fields, and softball/baseball complex) - Director of Intramurals and Recreation - 342-1568
  • Center for the Arts (CFA) & Nohr Gallery - Director of Center for the Arts - 342-1267
  • Pioneer Student Center, Ullsvik Hall's Velzy Commons, Glenview, and Gazebo - Director of Student Centers - 342-1451
  • Housing - Director of Housing - 342-1845
  • Memorial Park - Director of Intramurals and Recreation - 342-1658
  • Grounds - Director of Physical Plant - 342-1177
  • The "M" - Assistant Chancellor of Administrative Services - 342-1226
  • Living & Learning Center - Director of Student Centers - 342-1451
  • Pioneer Farm, Greenhouse and Gardens - Dean of BILSA - 342-1547
III. Applications for Facility Use
All University and University Sponsored groups or individuals scheduling University facilities must complete an application for Facility Use. This application is available from the facility Scheduler. Activities scheduled during times when the facility is not ordinarily open or staffed require special coordinative efforts with the appropriate Physical Plant and University Police personnel.

The following information is the bare minimum required when scheduling University facilities; additional information may be required  for specific facilities
  • Name of Organization
  • Facility Requested
  • Time
  • Date
  • Contact Person
  • Telephone of Contact Person
  • Approval Signature (Scheduling Functionary)
  • Requestor/Engager Signature of the Responsible Individual 
  • Direct Charges (if any)
  • Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Signature of Official Sponsoring Organization or Department Representative
  • Request for Accommodations
Non-University affiliated groups or individuals requesting to use University Facilities should contact the Pioneer Student Center Reservation Office (608-342-1451) for referral to the appropriate scheduling functionary and to make requests to the conference coordinator.

IV.Guidelines for Facility Use Charges

A.Charges for Facility Use
Charges for facility use will be made in selected circumstances as illustrated in this policy statement. Organizations sponsoring activities must designate a person accountable for payment of all charges, and who will be responsible for signature of contract. Al checks must be made payable to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Groups sponsoring activities which require above normal staffing (maintenance, security, and other) during or outside of regular operating hours will be charged the average current rate for the classification, including overtime and fringe benefits for each extra staff needed to complete the requirements. Scheduling should be done during normal operating hours, if at all feasible. 

It is essential to note that:
  1. Special Insurance will be required as follows:
The Sponsoring organization shall provide, prior to the signing of this agreement, to the University, a certificate of insurance showing coverage of $1,000,000 single limit liability coverage and $30,000 property damage. The sponsoring organization indemnify and save hold harmless the University and officers and employees thereof from any liability for injuries, illness, or death of persons in the employment or guest of the sponsoring organization or for the damage, loss, or theft of property of such persons.
The sponsoring organizations shall also provide a certificate of insurance showing Worker's Compensation coverage for agents and employees of the sponsoring organization.
     2. Special Charges may be assessed in special circumstances. For example the use of equipment, which results in movement of such equipment to facilities other than, where housed, may result in special charges.

     3. Direct pay to custodial, maintenance, or security staff members is not permitted.

     4. Audio-visual requirements for any facility may be directed to the Pioneer Student Center Reservations Office (342-1451) by the sponsoring group.

     5. Charges for damages beyond normal wear and tear may be assessed.

     6. If telephone services are required, the sponsoring organization must make application for this service through the Office of Information Technology (608-342-1421). The sponsoring organization shall be listed  as the service subscriber and will be responsible for any and all changes associated with such telephone service.

B. Definition of Groups Determine if a Charge is Appropriate
1. Registered Student Organization:
A UWP registered student organization is a group which has been recognized and recommended as a University Student Organization by the Campus Organization Committee (SOC) and authorized at the Student Affairs Office.
2. University Departments:
Includes the following: Schools, colleges, divisions or subdivisions of UWP.
3. Non-University Organizations or Individuals:
Facilities of the University are primarily for University purposes of instruction, research, and public service; they are not available for unrestricted use by Non-University groups. If, in the judgement of a University department or organization, the meetings or activities of a Non-University group will contribute to and serve the University's purpose, University facilities when available (and subject to necessary routine procedures administered by the Chancellor or his designee) may be used by that group, but only upon the invitation of or under the sponsorship of a University department or organization, and the sponsoring University department or organization shall be responsible for all costs associated with the use.

C.Variables which will determine charges including the following:
  1. Events relating specifically to UWP classroom instruction and/or administrative operations will generally be allowed without charge for use of state funded facilities. Self-sustaining facilities generally are not to be used for specific classroom functions.
  2. Events scheduled by registered student organizations or a University department for the sole purpose of conducting an activity relating specifically to their program purpose will not result in charges unless set-up, clean up, staffing, special charges, or off hours involved. Events scheduled which do not relate to the specific program purpose of the organization or the department will result in rental charges being assessed. 
  3. Facility rental will be assessed to registered student organizations or University departments sponsoring events open to students and staff, if the event is part of the regularly scheduled program series of the University. Set-up, clean up and other special charges will be assessed.
  4. Sponsored or Invited Non-University groups will be rentals, set-up charges and other fees.
  5. If any individual employee or University organization acts as representative for a Non-University organization or individual for the purpose of using University facilities, rental, set-up, and other appropriate charges will be assessed.
NOTE: Set-up charges will reflect actual established labor costs.

D.Facility Rental Rates
Under Ordinary Circumstances, facility rental will be charged based on an hourly rate according to the following guidelines:
1. Academic buildings and facilities
a) Basic Rate for all facilities to cover the cost of heat, electricity, insurance, water, etc. This would generally be applied to common classroom type facilities.
b) Special Facilities Rate is the Basic Rate plus an additional amount to cover costs associated with special facilities such as laboratories, auditoriums, physical education and athletic facilities, etc.

NOTE: The Basic Rate will be developed by the Physical Plant and others to be approved by the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Services.

Rental rates will be reviewed annually by the division administrator and the Chancellor.

E.Funds Collected
Funds collected through the implementation of this policy are to be placed in the appropriate general or program revenue account. The General Purpose Revenue Facility Rental Account shall be administered by the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Services.
Funds from the central account should be used in the following ways:
  1.  Direct Personnel support charges which were involved in the rental should be made against the account.
  2. Scheduling functionaries (non self-sustaining facilities) may initiate requests to use funds to replace equipment, repair damages, make renovations, etc.
F.Policy Review, Development and Appeal
The Facility Use Policy shall be reviewed and revised as needed with approval of the Chancellor or designee.

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