Delegation of Authority: Special Course Fees (SYS 825)

Delegation of Authority

II.A.Procedures: Approval and Notification

The Chancellor or designee(s) must approve all special course fees and must document and maintain records of that approval. Each institution should develop a standard approval process. Institutions shall notify students of all approved special course fees in the university catalog/bulletin and/or timetable/class schedule prior to registration.

COMMENT: Must submit SCF application to establish, change, or eliminate SCF to Provost. SCF must include a justification complying with the policy paper. Please be sure and review policy provisions prior to submitting the request.

DELEGATION TO:  Provost (or designee) and Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (or designee)
COMMENT: Approves all Special Course Fees submitted by the Deans. The Provost's Office will forward approved fees to Cashiering for incorporation into the billing process.