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Delegation of Authority: Patents and Inventions (SYS 346)

Delegation of Authority

6. Policy Statement

A. Disclosure and Reporting of InventionsAll inventions discovered by faculty, staff, or students on appointment while pursuing their university duties, or on university premises, or with university supplies or equipment must be reported to the chancellor or designee or the appropriate IPMO on the Invention Disclosure Report Form associated with UW System Administrative Policy 346: Patents and Inventions.

B. Equity Review and Disposition of Inventions. Upon disclosure, all inventions are subject to equity review by the chancellor (or designee) to determine rights in the invention based on the obligations associated with any funding sources or any other contractual terms that affect rights in the invention. The chancellor (or designee) has the responsibility for determining if contractual obligations apply to the invention and, if so, ensure that such obligations are fully met. 

DELEGATION TO: Deans/Division Heads

COMMENT: Responsible to report discovery or invention to Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (or designee).

II. Non-Federally Funded Inventions. When the chancellor or designee determines that an invention has been made with non-Federal funding and the invention is subject to contractual obligations which apply to that invention, the chancellor or designee has the responsibility for ensuring that any contractual obligations are satisfied.

DELEGATION TO: Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (or designee)

COMMENT: Makes determination if any contractual obligation exists in connection with, and as a result of, the funding leading to the invention. Makes judgment about relationship of reported discovery or invention to the purpose of any grant or contract and determination if an obligation to a grantor exists takes steps to insure obligations are fulfilled. 

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