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Delegation of Authority: Salary and Fringe Benefits Calculations for Unclassified Staff (SYS 230)

Delegation of Authority

D. Summer Payments 

Persons employed on an academic year basis shall be compensated for additional assignments during the summer session at the rate up to the equivalent of 2/9 of the previous academic year salary rate for a full workload for an eight-week summer session. All summer payments, whether summer session and/or summer service, are counted in the 2/9 rule. If the institution determines that there are differences in summer session workload from a full-time workload, then an appropriate compensation level shall be established. (Additional employment periods during the summer may be determined by the institution.) Compensation received in the summer period may not in aggregate exceed 2/9 of the academic year salary of the person appointed unless an explicit exception is granted by the Chancellor or designee, regardless of source of funds.

Effective July 1, 2013, per s.16.417(2)(f), Wis. Stats., the overload cap that applies to state employees does not apply to employees of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System unless the compensation received is from a non-UW state employer. See HRD Overload and UW System Administrative Policy 1277, Compensation.

E. Calculation of Overload Payments

UW System allows most employees (excluding Student Hourly) to work up to, but not beyond, 100 percent time. The salary received by full-time faculty, academic staff, FLSA exempt university staff, and limited appointees is considered to be full compensation for all work during the period of appointment. faculty, academic staff, FLSA exempt university staff, and limited appointees are expected to expend the total effort necessary to complete their assignments without additional compensation. The chancellor or designee may approve increased compensation in the form of an overload payment in cases where a temporary assignment is undertaken at another UW System institution, or an individual is asked to assume additional short-term responsibilities.

However, on occasion, an employee may be asked to perform duties outside of normal work assignments. In these extraordinary circumstances, an overload request – identified as employment beyond 100 percent – may be approved if the need for additional compensation can be sufficiently demonstrated.

Overload payments may be subject to limitations imposed on a calendar year basis as outlined by SYS 165, Academic Year Definition And Assorted Derivatives, SYS 1277, Compensation, and HRD 11.02: Overload (UW-Madison), and s.16.417(2), Wis. Stats. Violations of s.16.417(2), Wis. Stats., must be repaid by the employee.

DELEGATION TO: Deans & Division Heads
COMMENT: Requests overload payments. Request Summer Appointments in Excess of 2/9 or 5/9 Salary.

DELEGATION TO: Director of Human Resources (or designee)
COMMENT: Delegated responsibility for payroll calculations of pay and fringes and confirmation prior to approval.Approve all Salary Advances prior to payment.

DELEGATION TO: Provost or Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (or designee)


  • Signature of Unclassified Employment Contracts. 
  • Approve overload payments requested by Deans. 
  • Approve requests for summer payment in excess of 2/9; up to 3/9 may be approved for similar job duties; exceptions above 3/9 may only be approved if summer job duties are significantly different from academic year job duties.


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