University Policy: Overload Payment

University Policy: Human Resources

Date Revised

February 5, 2021

Date Effective

July 1, 2018

Overload Payment

Responsible University Officers: Provost and Chief Human Resources Officer

Policy Owner: Chief Human Resources Officer

Policy Contact: Chief Human Resources Officer


The salary received by full-time faculty, academic staff, and limited appointees is considered to be full compensation for all work during the period of appointment. Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act are expected to expend the total effort necessary to complete their assignments without additional compensation. The chancellor or designee may approve increased compensation in the form of an overload payment in cases where a temporary assignment is undertaken at another UW System institution, or an individual is asked to assume additional short-term responsibilities.

In general, alternatives should be considered before overload payments are granted. Options include  an adjustment in the employee’s other duties in order to reassign time to meet new responsibilities; a purchase-of-load arrangement in which funds are transferred into an employee’s department or unit as a purchase of institutional time from the department or unit; or a temporary base adjustment.

Temporary base salary adjustments should be utilized in cases where an employee is appointed in an acting or interim capacity, or to assume temporary responsibilities that are significantly different from those of the employee’s current position. These adjustments do not constitute overload payments. The level of the base salary adjustment appropriate for the new assignment is determined pursuant to UPG 4.04(7).

However, there are instances in which asking an employee to do more than his or her appointment requires is the only viable alternative and overload compensation is appropriate. There may also be other situations in which the individual is asked to assume, on a temporary basis, different duties and responsibilities within the full time appointment period such that the base salary for performing those functions needs to be examined. 



On occasion, employees may be asked to perform work outside their normal assignments.  In these rare situations where an individual exceeds one hundred percent of his or her normal position responsibilities, an overload request may be approved if the need for additional compensation can be sufficiently demonstrated and the work is not within his or her current job description. 



To ensure compliance with Unclassified Guidelines, forms may be subject to review and audit by UW-System Office of Internal Audit and/or the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau’s review.


Instructional overload payments

Administrative overload payments

Research overload payments


Examples of Overload



Responsible to ensure that they do not exceed the salary caps as set by UW-System.  Human Resources will make every effort to ensure that payments do not exceed the cap; however, the employee is responsible for re-payment if an error does occur as a result of an overload payment that exceeds the cap and/or is outside of the policy.  Repayment shall occur within 30 days of discovery of error or repayment will be deducted from the employee’s next paycheck.


Responsible for maintaining records of overload assignments and payments, as well as following policies to insure payment requests are processed under the appropriate guidelines.

Human Resources

Responsible for maintaining finalized copies of approved HRS paperwork per the Human Resources: Personnel Systems Records Retention Schedule.


 Subject Contact Phone Fax/Email

Primary Contact-Human Resources

 Sarah Vosberg
 Dr.Tammy Evetovich
Vice Chancellor of Administrative
 Paige Smith 608.342.1226


UW System Administrative Policy 230, Salary & Fringe Benefit Calculations
UW System Administrative Policy & Procedures - UPS Operational Policy 1277: Compensation
Wisconsin Statute § 16.417
UW-Platteville Summer Appointment Policy, Summer Appointments in Excess of 2/9 of the Academic Year 
UW-Platteville Delegation of Authority 
Authorization for Additional Payment Form (Blue & Green Sheets)
Request for Summer Payment in Excess of 2/9 (Pink Sheet)


Can I request an overload payment if I serve on a search and screen committee?
No.  Agreeing to serve or chair a search and screen committee is considered service to the University and is not compensable under this policy.

I am required to work late (additional 1-2 hours/day per week) at the beginning of each semester.  Can I receive an overload payment for this overtime?
No.  As an employee who is exempt from overtime under the FLSA, you are expected to expend the total effort necessary to complete your regular assignments without additional compensation. 

How are overload payments calculated?

Academic areas – overloads are calculated determined by the college and in accordance with this policy.

Non-Academic areas – overloads are calculated in two ways:  

A department has a need for the services of an employee from another unit.  This work will need to be done during normal workweek hours and the employee will not need to work additional hours to make up their duties for the “home” department.  Should this employee be compensated with an overload?
No. This situation should be handled as a buy-out of the employee’s time as detailed in UW-Platteville Backfill Policy.  If an exchange is agreed upon with the employee, the home department may then reassign the job responsibilities to another staff member(s).  If it is not possible to shift workload responsibilities or adjust schedules, the employee may be compensated with an overload.

If I receive an overload for work outside of my department and for duties that are not similar to those that I regularly perform, how will the payment be calculated?
The payment will be calculated based on the average cost to hire someone in that unit to complete those duties. The cap will still apply in this situation.

If overload payments are tracked and calculated based on the fiscal year, which year do the December earnings fall into (for monitoring purposes)?
In general, the December earnings are paid on January 2nd of the following year.  Per UW System policy, this payment would fall under that new calendar year for purposes of IRS reporting.  However, for purposes of overload tracking, the overloads are tracked on the fiscal year basis.

If I am a non-instructional academic staff member and am asked to make a presentation to an academic class, am I able to receive an overload payment?
No. As an exempt employee, under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you are considered a salaried employee and therefore, are not eligible for overtime or an overload payment because the presentation relates directly to your normal work duties.
If the request is for you to instruct a class for a full semester, the additional workload then differs from your normal duties and requires long hours over the course of several months.  Therefore, this appointment should be evaluated for an overload payment.  Pre-approval from your supervisor and an alternative work schedule is required upon request.

Does the overload limit remain at the UW-Administration cap if I also perform work for another state agency?
Yes. All state agencies are governed by the state limit for additional pay as established under Wisconsin Statute § 16.417.

Each employee is responsible for tracking any pay received from another state agency.


Original Issuance Date: July 1, 2018. Contacts and links updated February 5, 2021.


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