Policy: Job Sharing

University Policy: Human Resources


3.Job Sharing is an arrangement in which two people divide the duties of one job between them to provide full-time coverage of the position.

4.The concept of Job Sharing technically is applicable to all classification series in Wisconsin State Civil Service. In practical terms, however, some positions are more suited to Job Sharing than others. Specific positions will be evaluated individually by the supervisor in consultation with the Personnel Office and the incumbent (if any), to determine whether an acceptable level of service can be provided, and the position’s tasks and responsibilities be accomplished fully under Job Sharing. Job Sharing agreements must be approved in writing by the Personnel Director.

5.Job Sharing positions will be staffed according to the Civil Service staffing rules. If the position is in a represented bargaining unit, applicable provisions of the labor contract (transfer, seniority, etc.) will be observed.

6.Work hours will be scheduled by the supervisor in consultation with the affected employees. Ordinarily, a schedule will provide each Job Sharing employee with 40 hours of work during a biweekly payroll period.

7.In establishing the work schedule, consideration should be given to maintaining an acceptable level of service, providing for adequate communication and coordination of workflow, ensuring an equitable division of the workload, and also to meeting the needs of the employees.

8. Salary
9. Probation

10. A probationary employee in a Job Sharing position will serve a probationary period of six calendar months, unless otherwise mandated by Civil Service law.

11. All employee benefits such as annual leave, sick leave, personal and scheduled holidays, and life insurance and retirement benefits will be pro-rated. Employees who work at least half-time are still entitled to full health insurance benefits (that is, 90 percent State/10 percent employee share of premiums). Full-time employees who accept a Job Sharing position have the option of retaining their existing State Group Life Insurance benefit amount for three years after reducing to half-time.

12. A permanent part-time employee accrues seniority on the number of years worked; seniority is not pro-rated.

13. Benefits

14. Seniority

15. A currently occupied full-time position may be converted to Job Sharing upon mutual agreement of the supervisor and the incumbent, and subject to Wis. Stats. Chapter 230.215(3), in which case the incumbent would retain one-half of the position, and the other half would be staffed as outlined in Section 4.

16. A vacant full-time position may be converted to a Job Sharing position with the approval of the supervisor and subject to Wis. Stats. Chapter 230.215(3); both halves would be staffed according to Section 4.

17. Once a position is designated and staffed as a Job Sharing position, it will remain so as long as the incumbents remain in the position. If one or both employees vacate the shared position, the supervisor has the following options:  

A. If both employees vacate the position simultaneously, the supervisor may decide to refill the position as a Job Sharing position, or as a single full-time position, using the applicable Civil Service and/or contract staffing procedures.

B. If one employee vacates one-half of the Job sharing position, the supervisor may decide to continue the position as a Job Sharing position, or may decide to restore it to a full-time position. If it remains a Job Sharing position, the vacant half will be filled using applicable Civil Service and/or contract staffing procedures. If it is restored to a single full-time position, contractual and Civil Service procedures will be followed. The incumbent in the filled half of the position will be assigned the full-time position.
18. This local agreement shall take effect July 13, 2000, in accordance with the provisions of 6/15/9 of the agreement between the State of Wisconsin and the AFSCME, council 24, Wisconsin State Employees Union (hereinafter Master Agreement) dated May 21, 2000 to June 30, 2001.* This local agreement shall expire upon termination of the 1999-2001 Master Agreement between WSEU and the State. Upon termination, all obligations are automatically cancelled unless extended by mutual agreement between Local 1622, WSEU, and the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.




22.Effect on Rights and Benefits

23.Conversion of a Position to Job Sharing



Stephen P. Zielke, Assistant Chancellor, Business Affairs
Carol Beals, President, Local 1622

* Note: This agreement has been extended.