Delegation of Authority: All Delegations of Authority

Delegations of Authority

Revised 03/02/2021

A delegation of authority is a formal agreement between the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and the delegated agents identified in the following delegation of authority documents.

Financial and Administrative Policies

A complete list of all Financial and Administrative Policies can be found at

The Financial and Administrative Policies listed here have provisions relating to delegations. Only those sections relating to delegations are listed. Access to the complete policy is provided by a web link in each delegation listing. Please review each policy in its entirety so the delegation is understood in its proper context.

Select University Positions by Name

General Contract Signature Authority (RPD 13-1)

Code of Ethics (RPD 20-22)

Information Technology: Information Security (RPD 25-5)

Recruitment/Retention of Students (SYS 171)

Copyrightable Instruction Materials Ownership, Use and Control  (SYS 191)

Employment of Student Help (SYS 205)

Educational Assistance for Faculty and Staff (SYS 210)

Salary & Fringe Benefits Calculations for Unclassified Staff (SYS 230)

Utilization of Independent Contractors (SYS 236)

Prizes, Awards, and Gifts (SYS 330)

Extramural Support Administration (SYS 342)

Extramural Support for Instructional Programs (SYS 344)

Patents and Inventions (SYS 346)

Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction (SYS 805)

Medical Withdrawal (SYS 807)

Segregated University Fees (SYS 820)

Special Course Fees (SYS 825)

Financial Delegations - Administrative Services

Purchasing Policies

Other Delegations - Purchase of Services

Other Delegations - Sale of Services

Conduct on University Lands (UWS 18)

Use of University Facilities (UWS 21)

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