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Policy: Car Fleet Procedures

University Policy: Facilities

UNIVERSITY POLICY                                      

Date Revised: April 2023

Date Effective: July 1, 2023

Car Fleet Procedures

Responsible University Official(s): Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Policy Owner: Facilities Management

Policy Contact: Facilities Management


Provide process on reserving a vehicle and procedures to follow when using a University vehicle. 



This policy applies to all University of Wisconsin-Platteville employees, faculty, and students.



Establish procedures for car fleet reservations and usage guidelines.  



Note: these policies and procedures apply AFTER a Vehicle Use Agreement and Drivers Authorization has been completed and approved by the Office of Safety and Risk Management


§  The following policies govern state vehicles and do not include the policies of the State Vanpool Program. DOA mandates the following when utilizing a state vehicle:

  • The use of University Vehicles will be limited to authorized University organizations or activities on OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY BUSINESS. Use by non-recognized university groups will not be allowed.

  • Use of a state vehicle must be for official state business only. Incidental use associated with official business away from the employee’s headquarters city is strictly limited and may include incidental travel mileage (see Chapter One, 1.9., Incidental Travel and Stops).

  • A work-shared vehicle may only be used for business miles and associated incidental travel and the guidance provided under Chapter One, 1.10.

  • All drivers and passengers in state vehicles must comply with all Wisconsin laws, including the Wisconsin seat belt law.

  • Drivers and/or their agency are personally responsible for the cost of all traffic citations, parking tickets, locksmith calls for retrieving keys, etc.

  • Drivers are responsible for compliance with IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue requirements that are related to mileage reimbursement and personal use of a state vehicle. Compliance with state vehicle use policies is required of all drivers and passengers.

  • No person may use a state vehicle, or permit the use of a state vehicle, in the following prohibited manners: Reckless driving or speeding, the driver is impaired by fatigue, alcohol, drugs or any other condition − Any such vehicle use will be considered a violation of Fleet Driver and Management Policies and Procedures and may be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including discharge. − Drivers of state vehicle who feel that their driving abilities may be impaired must cease operating the vehicle immediately. Employees who believe another employee is impaired have a duty to prevent that person from driving a state vehicle.

  • Smoking is prohibited in state vehicles

  • Transporting non-state employee passengers, including family members, is not permitted unless authorized under Chapter One, 1.12, Riding in a State Vehicle.

  • Use for personal gain, such as delivering goods or services.

  • Modifications including affixing signs, stickers, antennas, bike racks, ski racks, etc.

  • Modifications to state vehicles may be undertaken only with the prior written consent of the owner agency fleet manager.

  • The following are only allowed with prior written consent of the owning Facilities Management: transporting animals, hauling loads that could structurally damage the vehicle, use of trailer hitches and towing.

  • The following are strictly prohibited: installation or use of any radar detection devices, transporting hitchhikers, bicycles transported inside vehicles, use for vacations or any other use not expressly authorized in this document. 

  • When refueling fleet vehicles, self-service pumps must be used.  Before signing the credit card slip make sure the following information is on this slip:  price per gallon, number of gallons purchased and total purchase amount. 

  • It is not necessary to return the vehicle with the gas tank full.  Vehicles are filled daily before being sent out. 

  • If a major breakdown occurs on the road (blown engine, transmission failure, etc) drivers should contact Doug Hartz, shop phone 608.342.1155, during regular working hours or Campus Police, 608-.342.1584 after working hours, weekends and holidays for assistance and instructions on how to proceed. Drivers are responsible for the vehicle and passengers. 

  • Out-of-pocket expenses related to vehicle repairs will be reimbursed via a travel expense report.  Any other out of pocket expenses related to alternate transportation, etc. for the driver and any passengers are to be reimbursed by the department account funding the travel.  These expenses would include rental car charges if it were not possible to arrange for vehicle repairs in a timely manner. 

  • Drivers are responsible for immediately reporting all accidents/incidents to Facilities Management, 608-342.1155, and the Risk Management office, 608.342.1157, using the vehicle accident kit provided in the glove compartment of the vehicle and to the local law enforcement personnel.  This should be done no matter how minor the accident may be.   

  • If there is bodily injury to anyone involved in the accident, the driver must call the Risk Management office IMMEDIATELY. 

  • Drivers are personally responsible for the cost of traffic citations, violations, and parking tickets.




  • Date(s), departure and return time
  • Name(s) of authorized driver(s)
  • Type of vehicle desired, i.e., sedan, minivan, SUV
  • Number of passengers
  • Account code to be charged
  • Destination
  • Facilities Management will send a confirmation email indicating whether the request has been confirmed or is on hold.  Requestors should review confirmation email and notify Facilities of any errors as soon as possible. 

  • Keys, mileage card and gas card may be picked up at the Giese Facilities Management building between 7:30am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday.  Keys will not be issued outside of the times listed above. 

  • Keys, mileage card and gas card may be picked up one day in advance of a trip if the departure time is before 7:30am. 


  • Vehicles must be returned to the Facilities Management garage area after the reservation is complete.  Any delay in returning vehicles may cause scheduling and servicing delays for the next scheduled trip.  Failure to return a university vehicle in a timely manner will result in additional charges to the reserving department. 

  • DO NOT park fleet vehicles in University lots unless loading/unloading.  These vehicles do not have University parking permits attached to them and therefore could be ticketed. 

  • Vehicles parked outside must be locked.  Do not lock vehicles parked in the Facilities Management garage.  You may park your vehicle in the space vacated by the vehicle assigned to you.  Do not park in the upper lot of the Facilities Maintenance building. 

  • Completed mileage cards, keys, gas card and receipts must be deposited in the drop box inside the Facilities Maintenance building garage. 

  • Complete the travel report in the vehicle.  Be sure to do the mechanical check.  When there is mechanical service required, please make those comments on the “Travel Report” form in the vehicle.  This report is to be left in the vehicle. 

  • The vehicles shall be returned to the garage area in the same condition they were picked up in.  They should be clean and free from trash.  Failure to clean up vehicles after trips will result in additional charges to the reserving department.


Position/Office: Facilities Management
Responsibilities Manage car fleet reservations


Those designated to receive questions and feedback on the policy.





Car Fleet

John Niehaus


Car Fleet

Katrina Hecimovic


Car Fleet

Facilities Staff



Driver Authorizations and Vehicle Use Agreement are managed by the Office of Safety and Risk Management.



July 2011



Policies are reviewed annually

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