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Policy: Key and Electronic Access

University Policy: Facilities

UNIVERSITY POLICY                                      

Date Revised: January 2023

Date Effective: July 1, 2023

Key and Electronic Access

Responsible University Official(s): Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Policy Owner: Facilities Management

Policy Contact: Facilities Management


The purpose of this policy is to provide building security through the management of keys and credentials and to ensure appropriate access to work areas for employees in buildings and areas at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville main campus. Facilities Management staff will process all access requests, returns and replacements from Deans and Department Chairs/Directors, Key Coordinators or designate, upon request.  UW-Platteville considers the safety and security of its faculty, staff, students, visitors, and property to be of paramount importance and recognizes key and electronic access is an important component of a comprehensive safety and security program. This policy defines control, use and possession of keys and credentials to university facilities. All keys and credentials are the property of the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.


This policy applies to all University of Wisconsin-Platteville employees, visiting faculty, students, and contractors.  It applies to all facilities owned, leased or otherwise occupied by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.


Maintain records of locks, electronic access systems, keys issued, and electronic access granted. 


Key Coordinator-Individual responsible for a specific building’s key requests.  Reviewing them for accuracy and ensuring that affected departments and programs are notified of access requests.

Key Cabinet Manager-Individual responsible for oversight, security and safe keeping of inventory maintained within a mechanically or electronically secured key cabinet. Key Cabinet Managers are responsible for keeping accurate records of all keys in their cabinet.  Records are subject to audit at any time. 


UW Platteville Faculty and Staff Key and Electronic Access Policy:

  1. All key and electronic access requests must be done through the Key and electronic Access form.  All signatures are required. 
  2. University Staff and Student Workers will be issued only the minimum necessary keys/electronic access required to perform their job duties.
  3. University Staff that transfer departments will be responsible for returning unneeded keys immediately.  Electronic access will be reset and new access will need to be requested by staff members new department. 
  4. Completion of the Key and Electronic Access Request form does not guarantee access will be granted.
  5. Departments are required to manage student worker’s keys through the use of the mechanically or electronically secured key cabinet.
  6. Failure to return keys no longer necessary to perform your job duties will result in rekeying at the expense of the department. Failure to return certain key types may also result in legal action.
  7. By possessing a key and/or credential, the possessor agrees not to compromise the security of any area or building and further agrees to secure each door upon leaving a secure area or previously secured area.
  8. Keys not returned by the key holder or the key holder’s department will be collected by University Police or Facilities Management personnel at key holder department's expense. Refer to “Chargeable/Non-Chargeable Key Issues” for additional details.
  9. Facilities Management support personnel will complete data entry key transactions for issuances and returns. All keys and/or credentials maintained within mechanical and electronic key cabinets are responsibility of Key Cabinet Managers.
  10. Authorized persons are only those persons with authorized documentation to possess or control a university key or credential. Authorization is specific to each possessor.
  11. Keys will only be issued in person to employees by the Locksmith, or designee, at the Giese Facilities Management Building located at 1680 Greenwood Ave., except for keys distributed by Key Cabinet Manager. Key issuance will require university identification and key holder signature. When keys are issued, individuals possessing the issued keys and the individual's department. assume the responsibility for the safekeeping and eventual return of university keys.
  12. For short-term or temporary building access and student employees, Departments may retain duplicate check-out keys and/or credentials in a secured area (mechanically and electronically secured key cabinet). Respective Departments are responsible for the security and issue/return records maintenance (sign out in log) of temporary issue keys and/or credentials for all mechanically secured key cabinets.
  13. Facilities Management will maintain employee key records for all facilities, with the exception of student residents living in Residence Halls. Key Cabinet Managers will be responsible for maintaining key records for keys being maintained in mechanically and electronically secured key cabinets. Periodically, key control reports will be generated and utilized to audit building access, key records accuracy, and access necessity. Key returns or an issuance of keys may be required as a result of access report and/or audit findings. 
  14. Re-keying or adding electronic access to a building or group of rooms may result in employees being required to exchange keys. Departmental designees will assume responsibility for coordinating collection or return of old key(s) and distribution of a new key(s). 
  15. In case of lost keys or credentials, immediately notify Facilities Management at 342-1155 during normal business hours. Contact University Police at 342-1584 after normal business. Normal business hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. Submitting a Lost Key/Electronic Access form is required for all lost keys and/or credentials. A replacement key charge may be assessed. 
  16. Should you locate another person’s keys and/or credentials, please return them to Facilities Management during normal business hours and University Police after normal business hours. Normal business hours are defined as Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.
  17. The issuance of keys for the Residence Halls for non-employees is not included within this policy. Employees (Resident Director, Senior Assistant, and Resident Assistant) working in these buildings must conform to the basic security principles identified within this document, as well as the specific key policies established by Residence Life Central Office. 

Key and Access Chargeback Policies:

  1. There are no charges for original keys issued to new hires- with the exception of program revenue areas.
  2. Administrative fee of $20.00 will be assessed when key changes occur due to transfers, re hires, change of responsibility, change in office location, etc. The fee is per transaction and not per key. Administrative fee is subject to change. Fee is only assessed when keys are obtained and not when keys are returned.
  3. Administrative fee of $20.00 will be assessed for changes to an area/room or suite’s electronic access hours.
  4. Broken or worn keys will be replaced without charge, with the exception of program revenue areas. Original key parts must be returned to Facilities Management.
  5. Replacement of lost, stolen or unreturned keys will result in charges to the respective key holder department, which may be passed on to the key holder. Facilities Management will assess labor and material costs for restoring security caused from lost key(s). Failure to return certain key types may also result in legal action.
  6. Lost, stolen or unreturned keys resulting in loss of security will be referred to Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services for disposition and cost assessment.
  7. Refer to the Campus Card office for details regarding replacement costs for campus id. 
  8. Failure to pick up keys within 28 days will result in keys being returned to inventory and a $20.00 restocking fee being assessed to the requesting department regardless of employment status.
  9. Students in program revenue areas will be charged administrative fee of $20.00.
  10. Bulk Entry: Electronic access requests from same department, which are processed as one request, with a minimum cost of $20.00 being charged. If technician’s time exceeds minimum service charge of $20.00, then an hourly rate is assessed. This is commonly used for Dining Services who have a bulk entry of students needing electronic access. Bulk entry is only permitted for electronic access requests.


Requesting a Key/Electronic Access:

Employee Key and/or electronic access Request and Pick Up From Facilities Management:

  1. Supervisor determines what building(s), area(s), and room number(s) are necessary for their employees to complete their work. 
  2. Requesting keys and/or electronic access is accomplished by completing and routing the Key and Electronic Access Request form. See building Key Coordinator for assistance.
  3. Obtain authorized signatures as required for type of key(s) requested. A key return date may be required.
  4. Bulk access form must be used for electronic access requests that include more than 2 individuals.
  5. Forward the Key and Electronic Access Request form to Facilities Management at for further processing.
  6. Facilities Management will notify requestor when keys are ready for pick up. Most requests will be ready for pick up by the requestor within two working days from receipt of completed Key and Electronic Access Request form.
  7. Requestor must review and sign Key Issuance Contract on back of Key and Electronic Access Request Form when keys are picked up.
  8. All keys will be issued only at the Facilities Maintenance Building. The key holder must present a photo ID to receive keys.

Employee Key Request, Pick Up and Return From Key Cabinet Manager - Mechanical Key Cabinet

  1. Supervisor determines what building(s), area(s), and room number(s) you need to access.
  2. Requesting keys and/or credentials is accomplished by requesting directly from Key Cabinet Manager.
  3. Key Cabinet Manager will provide approved key(s) and/or credentials and requestor must complete a Temporary Access Request form.
  4. Key Cabinet Manager must maintain inventory records for all keys and/or credentials housed within defined key cabinet.
  5. Return key(s) and/or credentials to Key Cabinet Manager only.
  6. Upon key(s) and/or credential return, Key Cabinet Manager will update Temporary Access Request form indicating key(s) or credentials have been returned.

Requesting a Lock Change

 The lock change request form must be completed with the justification for the change and include all required signatures.

Returning Keys and Credentials

Returning University keys must be done, in person at the original point of pick up. This may be at the Facilities Maintenance building or to a Key Cabinet Manager for return to a secured key box. Electronic access will be terminated in accordance with the end date of employment or the ending of the project. 


Position/Office: Facilities Management
Responsibilities: Management of all aspects of building access. 


Contact Name Phone E-mail
Facilities Management Main Office 608-342-1155
Assistant Director, Buildings and Grounds John Niehaus 608-342-1155 
Project Management, Engineering, and Design Katrina Hecimovic 608-342-1155


Building closing hours policy:             






July 2016

Initial Policy


January 2017


  • Added Bulk Entry

Key/Electronic Authorization Table:

  • Removed Key Coordinator signature for electronic access only requests

Chargeable/Non-Chargeable Section:

  • Added restocking fee for keys not claimed within 28 days
  • Charges for students in Program Revenue areas


  • Added email address for submitting key and access request forms.



January 2023

Purpose and Scope:

  • Updated terminology.


  • Removed key definitions
  • Updated Key Coordinator and Key Cabinet Manager definitions


  • Added guidelines for bulk access request

Chargeback Policies:

  • Updated administrative fee to $20

SCHEDULED REVIEW: Policies are reviewed annually.

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