Policy: Missing Student Notification Richland Campus

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Date Revised

July 2019

Date Effective

September 2018

Missing Student Notification Richland Campus

Responsible University Official: Provost Wilson and Vice-Chancellor Smith

Policy Owner: Dean Brandon Fetterly 

Policy Contact: Clery Coordinator: Jason Williams


The University of Wisconsin-Platteville at Richland maintains guidelines for keeping the community informed about safety and security matters on campus and maintains compliance with applicable features of the Clery Act (20 USC 1092(f)).


The purpose of this policy is to ensure UW-Platteville’s compliance with the requirements of the Clery Act. Any changes in the Clery Act requirements will supersede the relevant provisions of this policy.


If the University is contacted or advised of a missing residence hall student, the University will notify the proper authorities within twenty-four hours of the determination that the student is missing, including:
  • For residents under the age of 18 and not emancipated, the City of Richland Center Police Department, and the parent/guardian
  • For residents who are over the age of 18, the City of Richland Center Police Department, and the emergency contact provided by the student
Students are highly encouraged to complete the emergency contact information when registering as a student. In addition, students are encouraged to provide a confidential contact on the Residence Life Personal Data Form, in the event they were to go missing. This information is private and will only a be accessible to authorized campus authorities (Campus View Resident Staff, Dean of Students Office Staff, and the Office of the Registrar staff) and only be disclosed to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of the missing person’s investigation.

Any time anyone believes that a student is a threat to themselves or others; they should contact the City of Richland Center Police immediately (911 or 608-647-2103). If they want to report that a student is missing they can either contact the Director of Student Services (608.647.8422 ext. 222) or they can print/complete a Missing Person Notification Form. Anyone, even those outside the campus community, can complete this form any time they believe a student has been missing for an unusual amount of time.

Missing Student Notification Procedure
If any University Official, including Resident Advisors, is approached by anyone regarding a missing student, that official should help them determine if a Missing Student Notification form should be completed.

Here are some questions that may be of assistance:
  • Do they believe the student is a threat to themselves or others?
  • Has the student been missing for a minimum of 24 hours?
  • Have you contacted the location/place they had most recently been?
  • Have you tried to contact them through various means? e.g. cell phone, text, email, Facebook, etc.?
  • Have you contacted other friends or relatives who may know where they are?


No forms or instructions are associated with this policy.


No terms or definitions are associated with this policy.


Upon receiving a missing student form, University Officials should contact the Director of Student Services and their Resident Hall Director and/or the Resident Hall Executive Director, if living in the residence halls. The Director of Student Services will determine if a student is “deemed missing” and within twenty-four hours follow appropriate procedures, including contacting the City of Richland Center Police, either the parent/guardian, or the emergency contact provided by the student, as defined above.


 SubjectContact Phone Fax/Email 
 Primary ContactName Phone Fax/Email 
DeanBrandon Fetterly 608-647-8422 (x231) fetterlyb@uwplatt.edu 
Clery CoordinatorJason Williams608-342-1584 williaja@uwplatt.edu 


A PDF of this policy can be found here.




Revised July 22, 2019



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