Top Documents of the Week

  1. Policy: Alcohol and Other Drug Policies
  2. Policy: Closing Hours (Academic Buildings)
  3. Policy: Use of Facilities and Grounds
  4. Policy: Student Employment Policy and Procedure Manual
  5. Policy: UW-Platteville Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy
  6. University Policy: Overload Payment
  7. Policy: Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings Platteville Main Campus
  8. Policy: Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation
  9. Policy: Employment-Based Immigration Petitions, UW-Platteville Policies on Sponsoring
  10. Policy: Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  11. Policy: Use of Preferred Name
  12. Policy: Telecommuting
  13. Policy: Reimbursement of Tuition and Fees for Job-Related Coursework and Training
  14. Policy: Misconduct in Scholarly Research
  15. Policy: Reasonable Accommodations Policy and Procedures
  16. Policy: Extending Resignation or Retirement Date with Vacation or Banked Leave
  17. Policy: Emerit Policy for Academic Staff
  18. Policy: UW-Platteville Password
  19. Delegation of Authority: Salary and Fringe Benefits Calculations for Unclassified Staff (SYS 230)
  20. Policy: Purchasing Card (P-card) User Manual
  21. Policy: Display of Christmas Trees and Religious Holiday Symbols on Campus
  22. Delegation of Authority: Select University Positions by Name
  23. Policy: Missing Student Notification Platteville Campus
  24. Policy: Clery Act Compliance
  25. Policy: Firearms and Dangerous Weapons

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