Large Event Advanced Planning (LEAP)

{an introduction to the LEAP process}
To: UW-Platteville Campus 
From: Office of Event Services
Date: May 13, 2016
Re: Large Event Advanced Planning (LEAP)

Event Services now provides a process to assist on-campus and off-campus clients who are hosting events on campus. The Large Event Advanced Planning (LEAP) process is designed to bring together representatives from various university services to ensure well planned, well organized, and successful events for clients.  The LEAP process provides an efficient, well-rounded approach to event planning by providing clients with the various university resources they need for their event, in one place.,. By utilizing the LEAP process, clients can focus on the program’s content without worrying if they have forgotten to notify any essential services. University services may include but are not limited to catering, University Police, facilities, athletics, media technology, and information and communications. 

The LEAP process is recommended for the following types of events:
  • Events that require more than two university services;
  • Events that involve external guests, government officials, Board of Regent officials, or high profile events; 
  • When multiple rooms and/or spaces within multiple buildings are needed; 
  • When an event is hosted by an off-campus organization; or 
  • Large campus events such as Commencement and Career Fair.
  • The LEAP process begins when a client contacts Event Reservations to determine if appropriate space is available for their event. Options for contacting Event Reservations include:
  • If it’s determined that space is available, Event Reservations will provide a confirmation of reserved space.
  • If the event meets one of the criteria outlined above or is approved for a LEAP, an event planner will contact the client to discuss the process and to set up an initial meeting with the client.  At the initial meeting, the event planner will work with the client to complete an Event Reservation Form and will identify university services that are needed.
  • The event planner will schedule the first LEAP meeting which will include the client and all necessary university services.  
Common Questions:

What is the LEAP process?  The Large Event Advanced Planning (LEAP) process provides an Event Planner/Coordinator that works directly with the client to enhance the planning of the client’s event(s) by bringing together and facilitating communication between multiple university services. 
Will I lose control of my event if the LEAP process is triggered?  We don’t take control the client’s event.  Our goal is to coordinate university services and resources so that the client can focus on the content of the program.  

If the LEAP process recommends solutions that would result in a cost increase to the event, how is that resolved?  Event Services will work with the client to identify realistic incomes and expenses, as well ways to raise and/or save money.  Our definition of a successful event includes meeting the client’s financial expectations. 

My event meets the criteria for the LEAP process, what information do I need to provide?  The client should have a clear vision of the goals and objectives of the event.  If the event is reoccurring, please have information about the previous events.  

Examples where the LEAP process would be used:
  • Regional conferences and conference bidding
  • Major concerts
  • Official university-wide event
  • Convocations
  • Homecoming events
  • Fairs and Expos
  • Visits from elected officials and other dignitaries 
  • Major outdoor events
Whom can I contact for more information?
To ask questions about the process, please contact the Event Reservation Office at 608.342.1451 or email at  

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