Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

ITS Update: Duo down December 15 - UPDATED 12:16PM

Posted: 11:12:40, Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021   Expiration: 14:12:40, Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021  

Duo is down, meaning all campus systems requiring DUO will be temporarily unavailable, if you were not already logged in. This issue is being reported nationwide and may be out of ITS control. ITS system admins are monitoring the situation.

We appreciate your patience.

UPDATE: As of 11:57AM on Tuesday, Duo appears to be working.  Duo determined the problem was related to issues experienced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) earlier today. Both AWS and Duo report their systems have been restored.  

Knock on wood, may finals week continue unimpeded!

-- UW Platteville: Deb Meyer

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