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ITS June 3 Power Outage Tips: Turn off Ricoh devices and more

Posted: 15:16:45, Wednesday, Jun 1, 2022   Expiration: 12:00:00, Monday, Jun 6, 2022  

In preparation for the Platteville campus power outage this Friday, June 3, ITS has put together recommendations and tips to help it go as smoothly as possible.  Taking the day off? Enjoy!!

Tech Support

The ITS Help Desk will be working remotely on Friday. The office in Karrmann Library will be closed.  For tech support, choose one of these options:

  • Call 608.342.1400
  • Email helpdesk@uwplatt.edu
  • Submit a call through “Tech Support” on Pioneer Portal

Effects on campus technologies

  • “No power” means no wired or wireless network connections, including campus VoIP phones.
  • The outage affects buildings (access, cooling, lights) and devices (printers, labs, offices).
  • The outage does not affect systems/services, e.g., Pioneer Portal, PASS, Canvas, email, etc.; these are still accessible via internet connections off campus. Phone service is available through Jabber; voicemail will work as usual.

Things to think about before you go

  • Staff with Ricoh multifunction devices: There is a known issue with these devices and power outages. Please POWER DOWN the device using the button at end of day Thursday, June 2. Unplugging is optional. NOTE: If you choose to unplug, you must power down using the button first.
  • Power down any device if you are concerned.
  • Door access cards will not work; take whatever you need with you, like your laptop power cord or iPad charger.
  • If you do not have Jabber phone client, forward your campus phone to another number for the day.
  • Your home internet connection may not be as good as campus; are there things you can do offline? See below for tips when connecting remotely.
  • If possible, use university VPN or virtual desktop (VDI) to access campus systems; if choosing VDI, consider installing to your device and testing before Friday. Find instructions at https://kb.uwplatt.edu/41107
  • Some campus systems require “campus” connection (VPN or VDI), e.g., OBIEE

Connection tips from Pandemic Era

We are probably all experts at working remotely by now, but just in case… If the internet connection at your remote location is not as strong as the university’s, you can take these steps to optimize your experience:

  • Connect your device to your router with ethernet cord (vs wireless).
  • Unplug unnecessary devices connected to your internet
  • Avoid streaming music or video while working; these take a lot of bandwidth.
  • Mute video on Zoom/Teams calls.
  • Mute audio on Zoom/Teams calls or call in using your phone.
  • Use Outlook Web App (the “Email” button on Pioneer Portal), which is already in the cloud, versus Outlook desktop client, which must sync your entire account.


What to expect when you return

  • Got Ricoh? Power it up!
  • If you have issues with any equipment (computers, phones, printers, etc), restart the device. 
  • If restarting does not resolve the issue, contact the ITS Help Desk.



-- UW Platteville: Deb Meyer

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