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ITS Update: ITS knowledge base transition begins February 3; search Pioneer Portal

Posted: 16:00:00, Friday, Feb 3, 2023   Expiration: 14:27:45, Friday, Feb 24, 2023  

The ITS Knowledge Base has been a handy repository of campus technology know-how for almost ten years.  This year, our documents are getting a new home. Effective this evening, February 3, Pioneer Portal will pull results from our new ticketing system as well as the current knowledge base. When searching for ITS knowledge base documentation, use Pioneer Portal.  Enter your term in the search bar at the top of Pioneer Portal and select the Knowledgebase tab to see results from TDX and existing campus knowledge bases. 

Why the transition?
Our new ticketing system (TDX) includes an integrated knowledge base that offers advantages for our customers and our staff. When ticketing and knowledge are fully connected, you will be able to search for ITS services and documentation and manage your tickets in one place. When you submit a ticket, you will see Related Articles that may answer your question faster. On the back end, our technicians can easily share documentation with customers with a few clicks, and they can create new documentation on the fly, if a need arises.
What if I use a bookmark to the current tool or document or I use the blue Knowledgebase button?
Searching Pioneer Portal is the only way to ensure you continue to see all current documentation from all sources.  As ITS documentation is activated in TDX, it will be deactivated in the current tool. Those who have bookmarked the current URL (kb.uwplatt.edu) or who are using the blue KnowledgeBase button on Pioneer Portal will only see ITS documents left within that tool as time passes. Bookmarks to individual documents in the current tool will eventually break. By searching Pioneer Portal, you can rest assured you are seeing results from all sources.
We are confident using Pioneer Portal as a one-stop-shop for knowledge base needs will facilitate the smoothest transition possible. We look forward to sharing more new capabilities throughout the coming year.

-- UW Platteville: Deb Meyer

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