Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

IT Update: Printing outage Nov 19

Posted: 13:14:42, Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013   Expiration: 13:14:42, Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013  

At approximately 11:50 a.m. today, the Help Desk received numerous reports that printing was down. System administrators restored printing service by noon.

We believe this outage is related to previous printing outages and have engaged the vendors (Novell and PaperCut) to resolve the underlying issue as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding this outage, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or helpdesk@uwplatt.edu.

-- UW Platteville: Deb Meyer

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