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ITS Update - ZIP Files Temporarily Blocked in Office 365 - UPDATED 11.20.14

Posted: 17:31:57, Thursday, Nov 13, 2014   Expiration: 17:31:57, Monday, Nov 24, 2014  

UPDATE 11.20.14 Zip files through e-mail have been re-enabled. Anti-virus packages have been updated to identify and quarantine the malware.

Due to a virus attacking through e-mail at another UW campus, we’ll be temporarily blocking ZIP file attachments.

There are few details at this time. To our knowledge, the virus has not been contracted here. This temporary measure is to prevent infection while we gather additional information. 

Handling phishing and spam messages has changed a bit since our transition to Office 365.  If you receive a suspicious message, please refer to the appropriate Knowledge Base document for instructions or contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 for assistance.

[Link for document 38210 is unavailable at this time]
[Link for document 44808 is unavailable at this time]
[Link for document 44533 is unavailable at this time]

-- UW Platteville: Deb Meyer

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