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Print Policy Changes Take Effect Today

Posted: 08:35:27, Friday, Oct 16, 2015   Expiration: 08:35:27, Friday, Oct 23, 2015  

The new Student Printing Policy takes effect today, October 16, 2015. Student printing accounts will be reset to $3.00 to reflect the new semester allotment set by the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) last spring.

When the individual $3.00 allotment is used up, a student will need to have money in his/her respective Passport Funds account in order to print from a lab computer.  Any allotment left at the end of the fall term will be carried through winterim; print allotments will be reset to $3.00 when the spring term begins. Likewise, any allotment left at the end of spring term will be carried through summer until fall.

Changes that affect all Pioneers in the computer labs

Beginning Friday, Oct. 16 everyone who logs into a lab computer will see a pop-up window at login which will display a monetary balance. The initial balance is calculated by adding available Passport Funds and, if you have student status, the student printing allotment.
  • Employees should see an initial monetary balance of $0.00. The balance will decrease when a lab printer is used and may drop below $0.00. Employees MAY see a monetary balance greater than $0.00 if they have deposited money to their Passport Funds account. Regardless of what the pop-up displays, if you are an employee without student status, you will not be charged for printing in a campus lab.*
  • Students will see the combined balance of print allotment + Passport Funds until the individual’s allotment is used; then the student will see the actual amount of money available on his/her card. This is also true for employees who are also students. The student balance should never drop below $0.00.
The pop-up will appear each and every time a person logs into a campus lab computer, including the presenter station. Faculty and staff logging into a presenter station with projection turned on should be aware the balance will be visible on the screen.  The pop-up can be closed by clicking the red X.

*Printing is a campus resource intended for university business. Any printing by an employee for personal use from a campus device should be incidental. The Information Center in the Markee Pioneer Student Center offers printing for a per-page cost as does Pioneer Printing and Postal Services in Brigham Hall.


More information on the new Student Printing Policy - including how to add funds to a Passport account or request a refund - can be found in the ITS Knowledge Base at [Link for document 56710 is unavailable at this time]

If you have questions regarding the new student printing policy, print release stations, or the Funds pop-up, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or helpdesk@uwplatt.edu.

-- UW Platteville: Deb Meyer

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