Respondus – How do I set up and use Respondus LockDown Browser to take Canvas Quizzes? (Student)

Respondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) is a secure internet browser application for taking quizzes in Canvas in a controlled online environment. With the LockDown Browser enabled, you are unable to print, copy, search the web for answers, record your screen, access other computer applications, or perform other computer operations which could lead to compromised quiz integrity or distract your focus from the quiz.

Getting Started

This YouTube video provides a great overview: Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser for Students [2:24]

In some courses, you may be required to use the webcam with the LockDown Browser.  The webcam feature is referred to as "Respondus Monitor".  The Monitor requires you to have a webcam that records audio. You will have to go through a series of tests to confirm your device is properly set up before starting your quiz.

What are the computer system requirements for my personal computer?

How do I set-up/install the LockDown Browser on a personal computer?

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor to your device. You will need to have admin rights for your personal computer to install.

Respondus Lockdown Browser Install window

    1. From the download page, you can confirm system requirements and make your installation selection between the Windows or Mac version of the LDB application. The application is approximately 4 MB and you will only need to install it one time.
    2. Once the installation begins, the install is quick and simple. Follow the on-screen directions in the installer to complete the installation.
    3. Once complete, you should see a shortcut on your desktop, and an icon in your Programs menu / App folder

How do I take a Quiz using the LockDown Browser?

  1. Launch the LockDown Browser from your computer.  Launch Lockdown Browser
  2. Using the newly opened Lockdown Browser window, log into Canvas with your UW-Platteville NetID and password.
  3. Navigate to your canvas Course and select your quiz which requires Respondus LockDown Browser or Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam to view the instructions for the quiz.
  4. Select Take the Quiz Respondus LockDown Browser Quiz window

Caution: Once you have started a quiz, you cannot exit it until you have submitted the quiz for grading by selecting the Submit Quiz button.

Look for and take your instructor's practice Respondus Practice Quiz

To help you prepare for taking a graded quiz using Respondus, your instructor has provided a Respondus practice quiz for your course. Be sure to complete the Respondus Practice Quiz on the computer you intend to use for your graded quiz attempts to ensure the computer/device, webcam, and internet connection function properly. Take the quiz early in the course so you have enough time to fix anything that doesn't work with your computer and Respondus.

If you cannot locate one of these practice quizzes in your course, first double-check the course requires the use of Respondus LockDownBrowser as it will be noted in the course syllabus. If you do not see a practice quiz, ask your instructor to provide one. Be sure that your request is early in the semester, not 1 day before the regular quiz is due.

Where Can I Find a Practice Quiz to Experience How RLDB Works and Check That Everything On my Computer Works?

If your instructor has not provided a practice quiz in the Canvas course, you can self enroll in this quiz available on Canvas. Contains two different practice quizzes with different settings that will be available for the entire semester with unlimited attempts.

If you have questions, please contact the TTC at 608.342.1798 or