Dashboard - My URL Shortener (Sharing a shortened link)

Walks through sharing and managing access for the My URL Shortener

My URL Shortener (Sharing a shortened link)

Sharing Levels Explained

There are three levels of sharing: Standard, Owner, and Co-owner. The chart below shows the permissions associated with each.

Share LevelRenew LinkEdit LinkUnshare YourselfDelete LinkShare LinkTake OwnershipTransfer


* Use the "Share" popup and then "Manage Access" and click "Remove All Share Access" for yourself.

Manage Share Access

Links that are shared with you will have a yellow background.

Shared at Standard Level

shared link

The options that you do not have access to are disabled. You can unshare yourself from the link.

Shared at Co-Owner Level

shared link

The "Transfer" button is swapped for "Take Ownership"

What does "Take Ownership" do?

The "Take Ownership" button sets the co-owner as the primary owner and then Shares the link to the previous owner at the co-owner level. Allowing the previous owner to still have access to the link.

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