Boebel 223 Classroom Technology Guide

An overview of the classroom presentation system in Boebel 223.

Getting Started

Select your desired presentation mode from the touch panel:

Presenting Information in AV Presentation Mode

  1. Unmute the projector by pressing the flashing red “Projector Mute” button on the touch panel.
  2. Select your desired source from the list of available options on the touch panel (PC, Document Camera, Device Share, HDMI, or VGA).

Using a Wireless Microphone

  1. Retrieve a wireless microphone from the drawer in the equipment rack.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the body back or wireless handheld microphone until the light on the body pack/wireless handheld lights up.
  3. Press the red “Mic Mute” button on the LCD screen to unmute the microphone input.
  4. Use the “Up” and “Down” buttons under the “Mic Mute” button to adjust your volume appropriately.

Playing Audio From a Device in AV Presentation Mode

Shutting Down

  1. Press the “System Shutdown” button in the upper right corner of the LCD screen to turn the projector, sound system, and other AV components off.
  2. Log off of the in-room computer.

*** NOTE – This AV system is scheduled to automatically shut down after 120 minutes of inactivity. To reset the 120-minute timer, press any button on the LCD screen. If the system automatically shuts down, simply turn it back on by selecting a presentation mode on the LCD screen (see “Getting Started” section above)

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