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MyMedia - Uploading Videos & Captioning

Kaltura is the video portal for University of Wisconsin System institutions. Instructors, students, and staff can use it to easily upload, store, stream, and share (or restrict) videos in Canvas. You can upload media from your computer, YouTube, or Kaltura Capture, or you can use the Webcam Recorder tool to record it directly in MyMedia.

Use My Media to store videos and caption all of the media that you use in your courses. The My Media Webcam Recorder allows you to create videos within MyMedia, or you can upload existing videos from your computer files, YouTube, or Kaltura Capture or you can record them directly into My Media using Kaltura Capture. 

    1. To access MyMedia, log into Canvas and go to Account > My Media.

      Global Canvas navigation menu. Click Account, then My Media.

    2. On the My Media page, go to Add New and then select Media Upload, Webcam Recorder, YouTube, or Kaltura Capture to upload or record a video and then follow the prompts on the screen. Upload will depend on bandwidth and file size.

      Screen shot of Add New Options

      * If you choose Media Upload or YouTube, you will be prompted to agree to the following statement: "By using this service, you agree to comply with all UW System and institution acceptable use, copyright, and harassment policies, as well as applicable state, local, and federal laws and regulations." (Note: Only public YouTube videos are supported.)

    3. Once your video has finished uploading, fill out the metadata for your video:
      • Name
      • Description
      • Tags
      • Publishing status 

      Details needed before saving your upload

    4. Optional Step: Captions will automatically be generated when you upload a file. However, automatic captions tend to be only about 90% accurate, and factors such as accents, highly technical terms, and noisy environments can cause lower accuracy rates. To have the TTC edit your captions so they are more accessible, click +Add Collaborator and type in UWPLT-G-Caption in the user/group field. Then select the Co-Editor option, and click Add. While this step is listed as optional, it is a step you should take to guarantee accessibility if you are using your media for instruction. 

      Add Collaborator popup box

    5. Click Save.
    6. If you chose to add the UWPLT-G-Caption group as a Co-Editor, you will need to submit a Caption Request Form to create a support ticket to have the TTC edit your captions.

Note: If you have already clicked save and you decide that you want to have your media captioned by TTC, follow the instructions at Requesting Caption Services.


If you have questions, please contact the TTC at 608.342.1798 or


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