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BI - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Oracle Business Intelligence.

OBIEE – Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What browser should I use to access Business Intelligence (BI)?
A:  The following internet browsers are supported in our new OBIEEPRD environment:
  • Mozilla Firefox 31.4.0 ESR and later versions 
  • Internet Explorer 9 ,10 ,11
  • Google Chrome 42 and later versions
Q:  Where do I access Oracle Business Intelligence (BI)?
A: The url to log into Business Intelligence (OBIEE) is: This can be found on page 3 in the consumer training manual.

Q: How can I get access to BI?

A: A prerequisite to accessing BI is the Business Intelligence Consumer Training. Inquiries related to training and access can be directed to Deb Meyer (, Communications and Training Coordinator, Information Technology Services. Upcoming trainings are posted on the ITS Training Calendar:

Q: Do I need to install a “plugin” or anything to access BI?
A: There is no need to install any plugins or special software to access BI.

Q: What username and password do I use to login to BI?
A: If you have been through the initial training, you will be able to use your NetID username and password to logon.

Q: Once I’ve logged into BI, how do I see the dashboards?
A: If you have successfully logged into BI, Click on Dashboard dropdown on the menu to access the dashboards:


Q: Why doesn’t the list show up when I click on the dropdown arrow in some dashboards?
A: Some dashboards have dropdowns where you can choose from a list of values for filtering the data. If you are using Firefox as a browser, the arrow on the dropdown may not produce a list of values. To resolve the issue click the label value to the left of the dropdown to “enable” or set the focus on the object, then click the arrow to produce the list. In the example below the dropdown would be “enabled” by clicking the “Enrollment Status” label.


Q: What if I see issues with the information on a dashboard?
A: If you find issues or discrepancies on a dashboard call the Helpdesk at x1400 or email and give them the information. They will create an issue in Footprints and assign it to the Business Intelligence team.

Q: When I click on a dashboard why does it takes a so long to populate the information?
A: On some dashboards, it can take some time to perform all of the calculations and formatting before the information is presented on the screen. Usually, it shouldn’t take longer 30 seconds to bring back the data. If it takes longer than 2-3 minutes, consider filtering the information to bring back less data. (Example: Filter by only one term or career).

Q:  Why do I receive an error when trying to export using “Excel 2007+”

A:  Currently, the “Excel 2007+” functionality is not supported within our environment.  You should be able to use “Excel 2003” to export to Microsoft Excel on all computers except Mac.

Q:  Why can’t I export to either Excel 2003 or Excel 2007+ on a Mac?
A: When you export from OBIEEPRD on a Mac, you need to use the “Export—Data—CSV Format” functionality

Q:  Why do I receive the error message “ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap”, when trying to open the UW-Platteville Class Availability dashboard in Firefox?
A: The issue is you have an “unsupported” version of Mozilla Firefox.  You should be able to use Safari on your Mac to access the UW-Platteville Class Availability dashboard.

Q:  Why do I see “Recent” and “Most Popular” sections on the Home page of BI?
A:  In the new version of BI, the “Home” page when you initially login will show recently used and most popular dashboards.  These links make it easier to navigate to the dashboards you use often.

Q:  Why does my browser “timeout” when trying to open OBIEE when I’m off-campus? 
Please try a different browser to see if the issue is resolved.  Depending where you are trying to access the OBIEE site, the issue could be the port “9804”, which is the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) port recommended by Oracle, is blocked by either your home/work network or Internet Service Provider (ISP).    

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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