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Policy - ITS support levels

This document provides a framework for categorizing the degree to which IT components such as hardware, software, and services will be supported by the University. It helps set an expectation between the customer(s) and Information Technology Services (ITS) and may act as a component of a more formal Service Level Agreement (SLA). For the purpose of this document, ITS includes all IT operations regardless of organizational structure.

Level 1 support

Level 1 support is best effort. ITS installs and provides support for the hardware, software or service, including telephone or walk-in support and on-site repair or reconfiguration as needed.

This category includes the core hardware, software and services used on a day-to-day basis by the University. Hardware currently covered by a manufacturer's warranty is also included.

Level 2 support

Level 2 support is limited support. ITS will provide support for items in this category as resources allow; however, there is no guarantee that resolutions to issues will be achieved. Vendor support may need to be contacted to resolve issues with items in this category.

This category includes hardware, software and services that are unique or specialized to specific areas on campus and are directly related to fulfilling the University mission. Hardware that is no longer covered by a manufacturer's warranty is also included.

Level 3 support

Items in the Level 3 support category are unsupported but are allowed to connect to University services. For University-owned hardware, software, and services, prior permission and periodic review from ITS is required.

Maintaining connectivity or the operation and functionality of hardware, software, and services in this category is not assumed or guaranteed. Changes in situation or the environment may cause items in this category to stop working without notice and/or be moved to the Level 4 support category.

This category can be more easily defined as items that are not in Level 1, Level 2, or prohibited by Level 4.

Level 4 support

Items in the Level 4 support category are NOT ALLOWED to connect to University services (network, phone system, etc.) for any reason. ITS is under no obligation to maintain the functionality of items in this category.

Items are typically placed in this category if:

  • There is a known, identified, or suspected issue that causes disruption of University services.
  • There is a known, identified, or suspected issue that impacts security.
  • A maximum of 1 year has passed after the manufacturer has dropped support for the product.
  • It is not practical to provide or continue to provide support.

In some cases items in this category can be run in an environment isolated from campus services if prior permission is obtained from ITS.

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