D2L: Create a Grade Item - (Type: Numeric, Selectbox, Pass/Fail, Text)

The article describes how to create a Numeric, Selectbox, Pass/Fail, or Text grade item.

  1. Open up a internet browser/tab (Firefox or Internet Explorer).
  2. Login to D2L: https://www.uwplatt.edu/desire2learn.
  3. Search for and select the desired course.
  4. On the navigation bar, click Grade.
  5. Click on Manage Grades.
  6. Click the New dropdown box, and then select Item.
  7. grades-newcat
    New Item/Category options
  8. On the next screen, click on Numeric, Selectbox, Pass/Fail, or Text.  (Calculated and Formula are two more options that are not included in this article, because the setup screens are different).   In the example shown, Numeric has been selected, but the remaining screens look the same.  
  9. Numeric.PNG
    Select Numeric
  10. In the General section of the New Item screen, complete the following steps:
    1. Create a Name that associates the item with a specific activity, such as an Exam1, Discussion1, or Dropbox1.
    2. Enter a short version of the name, or an abbreviation, in the Short Name field to display in the grade book.
    3. If you want to associate a grade with a category, select the appropriate category in the Category dropdown. If you have not created your category, the option to create one is available by clicking New Category. For instructions on how to set up a new category, click here.
    4. Entering a Description is optional.  If you want to Allow users to view grade item description, click the box underneath the description. 

    Enter names and category information
  11. In the Grading section of the New Item screen, fill in the following:
    1. The Maximum Points* field is required, and you can enter any value (including bonus points if you wish).
    2. Select Can Exceed if you want to allow grades to exceed the maximum point value.
    3. Click Exclude from Final Grade Calculation if you want to exclude this item from the final grade calculation.
    4. The default Grade Scheme is Percentage, which is most commonly used. Grade Schemes let you represent grades with symbols, or labels. For information on how to create a new grade scheme, click here.
    5. Click Add a Rubric if you would like to add one.  For more information on associating a rubric, click here.
    Options in the grading section
  12. To access Display Options, click Show Display Options
  13. Optionally, check the following display options under Student View to turn them on:
    1. Display class average to users - allows users to see the class average for this item.
    2. Display grade distribution to users - shows a graph of how grades were distributed between different percentiles.
    3. Override display options for this item - this option allows you to display grade information for this item differently than other items in the grade book. If you click this option, the following Show options become available:
      • Points grade
      • Grade scheme symbol
      • Grade scheme color

    Display Options
  14. The options under Managing View allow you to change the way you view grade information in your grade book. If you choose to Override display options for this item, the following Show options become available:
    • Points grade
    • Grade scheme symbol
    • Grade scheme color
  15. Click Save and Close.

If you have questions, please contact the DLC Help Desk at 608.342.1303, or 877.854.3083. You can also visit the DLC Help Desk's web page for information on hours of availability.

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