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MyMedia: Create a Screen Recording


Kaltura MyMedia provides a tool for screen recording what is displayed on the computer screen and then it can be saved to MyMedia space. MyMedia does not provide features for post editing a screen recording video.

  • University NetID login access to MyMedia.
  • Current Java version installed on computer.
  1. Navigate to a MyMedia page.
  1. From the +Add New button  or  dropdown list, select Screen Recording .
  2. Click Launch the screen recorder button.
Launch the Screen Recorder button

No Java Detected
Problems clicking the button to start the Screen Recorder, No Java Detected?
How do I enable Java in my web browser?

Firefox users, click this link to check your JAVA configuration is enabled.

Screen Recorder Loader, Java dialog box
  1. Click Run button to run the Screen Recorder Loader application.
  2. A dotted-line frame is displays on the computer screen and this is used to outline the area on the screen to be recorded.
  3. After a dotted-line frame is displayed, change the recording size to one of the pre-selected resolutions by using the Recording Size button   on the control panel.
  4. Choose one of the HD size formats (small, medium, or full) from the displayed list. 
Note: Custom sizes can also be created by adjusting any of the control handles located at the corners or side of the dotted-line frame and dragging them to resize the dotted-line frame around the content to be recorded.
  1. Reposition the dotted-line frame by using the mouse pointer to select the Kaltura logo box and dragging it to a new location
Note: If you are using two displays, place the content to be screen recorded on the same display as the browser window open with Kaltura MyMedia.

Screen recorder recording area and control panel

  1. (Optional) To include a commentary or voice over with the screen recording, check the microphone settings by clicking the down arrow on the microphone button of the control panel. The system will detect any microphone settings on the computer. Select the microphone that will be used.
  2. (Optional) To include a webcam image recording inside the screen recording framed area, enable the webcam settings by clicking the down arrow on the camera button of the control panel. The system will detect camera settings on the computer. Select the camera that will be used camera.

Recorder Control Panel, detected microphone and webcam devices

Note: To cancel the screen recording process, click the close button   in the control panel and the dotted-line frame will disappear.  Nothing will be saved.
  1. Click the red record button at the bottom left corner or use the Alt+P keys to begin screen recording.
  2. Begin working with the content inside framed recording area.  (Optional) Begin narration and webcam recording.
  3. The screen recording can be paused by selecting Alt+P keys on the keyboard or click the pause button  on the control panel. To resume the screen recording, click the red record button or use the Alt+P keys to continue.

Screen recording is paused

  1. To complete the screen recording, click the Done button .

Screen recording window after completed recording.

  1. In the Title box field, enter a title for the new screen recording.
  2. Click the Upload button and the screen recording will be processed and saved automatically.
  3. When upload is complete, click Close button.

Screen Recorder window, information fields

  1. In the Name box field, enter a title for this screen recording.
  2. (Optional) Enter a description in the Description box field as information about this screen recording.
  3. (Optional) Enter a tag into the Tags box field.  To facilitate administration of UW-Platteville videos stored in the Kaltura repository.  Minimally tag the screen recording with the abbreviated department name and course number (e.g., DEL7510, BASD2610, ENGRPHYS3640).
  4. Click Save button  to finish and save the metadata details with the screen recording.

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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