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D2L: Navigating the Desire2Learn Gradebook


The Desire2Learn Grade tool is an electronic gradebook. There are three types of gradebooks it will support: points-based, weighted and custom. Grades items can be created that link directly to dropboxes, discussions and quizzes within Desire2Learn. Additional grade items can be created for assignments, exams and quizzes outside of Desire2Learn. Rubrics can be assigned to any grade item and additional feedback recorded within the gradebook. Additional information about  the gradebook can be found at Understanding grade book in the Desire2Learn Online Resource Center. Following this link will direct you away from the UW-Platteville Knowledgebase.

  • Instructor access to a Desire2Learn Course
  1. Choose Grades from the navigation below the course name.
Desire2Learn Grades Tool
  1. There are four menu choices for Grades.  They are listed in order of frequency of use - most frequent listed first.  Enter Grades is used to view the gradebook and to add or update student grades.  Manage Grades is used to create the gradebook.  Schemes stands for Grade schemes which are the scoring ranged used to assign letter grades.  Setup Wizard is used to set parameters such as the type of gradebook (points vs weighted vs custom), calculation precision and viewing options.

Two additional options are available at all times when working with grades.  On the right side of the screen is a link to Settings and one marked Help.  More about the Setting link can be found later under the Setup Wizard.  Help is a brief explanation about the gradebook.

Enter Grades

  1. When Enter Grades is selected, there are three buttons that provide additional commands.
    • To import grades from an Excel workbook or .txt file, choose Import.
    • To export grades from an Excel workbook or .csv file, choose Export.
    • Columns in the gradebook can be shown or hidden for more convenience.  Choose More Actions > Hide/Show Columns.  A check mark next to grade item means it will be seen.  No check mark means it is hidden.
    • An Event log can be view by clicking More Actions > Event Log.
  2. The gradebook can be viewed showing each student listed in the course shell or it can be viewed by groups if groups are assigned.
Search Options for Enter Grades
  1. Use the Search feature to find a particular student either by first name, last name, username or Org Defined ID.  Students can also be listed based on the percentage score they have for a given grade item.  Logic operators >=, <=, >, < and = can be used in the test to select the students.  Searches can also be conducted on whether or not the record had been flagged.

Manage Grades

Manage Grades
  1. When Manage Grades is selected, there are two buttons that provide additional commands.
    • New - used to add a new grade category or grade item to the gradebook.
    • More Actions - used for additional actions such as delete, reorder and to view the Event Log.
Bulk Edit Grade Items and Categories
  1. One additional tool found on Manage Grades is the Bulk Edit tool.  With this tool, more than one grade item and/or category can be selected and several attributes about each item can be edited from one screen.
Note:  Once the grade type is chosen, it can not be edited.  If the type of grade needs to be changed for a given grade item, a new grade item should be created instead.  Once information has been transferred to the new grade item, the old can be deleted.


Grades schemes are used to assign letter grades to items in the gradebook.  Color can be assigned to ranges in the grade scheme in order to visually show how students are doing.


There are two grade schemes available in the Desire2Learn gradebook.  First is the Percentage grade scheme.

90 - 100% A
80 - 89% B
70 - 79% C
60 - 69% D
< 60% F

The second scheme is the Percentage +/- scheme. This scheme is set as the default grade scheme for the grade book. It aligns with the UW-Platteville official grading system:

93 - 100% A
90 - 92% A-
87 - 89% B+
83 - 86% B
80 - 82% B-
77 - 79% C+
73 - 76% C
70 - 72% C-
67 - 69% D+
60 - 66% D
< 60% F

Setup Wizard

The setup wizard is used to establish a gradebook in a course.  There are 7 steps that must be completed.  Although it is not recommended, the Wizard can be rerun at any time during the course.

Grade Setup Wizard

Once a course has started, most of the settings for the gradebook can be adjusted by using the Settings link located on the top right corner. Settings has three tabs and divides choices into three groups.  Of only one or two settings need to be changed once you have started the course, this is where changes should be made.

Settings Link in Grades

If you have questions, please contact the DLC Help Desk at 608.342.1303, or 877.854.3083. You can also visit the DLC Help Desk's web page for information on hours of availability.

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