D2L: Navigating the Desire2Learn Content Tool


This QuickGuide provides an overview of the navigation and features associated with Content in Desire2Learn. Content is navigated through a table of contents that supports a module and submodule structure. The Table of Contents remembers the expanded/collapsed state of modules from session to session, and includes options to expand all and collapse all with a single click. The Content tool features an expandable left menu panel which allows quick navigation to any topic or module in the course. The panel also support swipe gestures on tablets. Swipe left to expand and right to collapse the panel on both iPad and Android tablets.

Instructors have ability to create new checklists, discussions, dropbox folders, quizzes, and surveys without ever leaving the Content tool, as well as add existing activities previously created. Additionally, it is possible to quickly add links from Content to existing course activities using a new "Insert Quicklink" control in the HTML editor.

Additional information on Navigating the Content Tool can be found at the  Desire2Learn Online Resource Center: Content.  Following this link will direct you away from the UW-Platteville Knowledge-base.

  • Instructor Access to a Desire2Learn Course.
  1. Log into Desire2Learn.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Select Content on the navigation bar.
  4. On the left side navigation bar, click Overview. 
  5. In the Overview area, general information or course objectives can be added. Additionally, a document can be inserted for inline display.
Overview of Content Tool
Overview of Content Tool
  1. Also in the left side navigation bar, Bookmarks and Upcoming Events can be viewed.
  2. The Table of Contents displays all modules and assignments on the navigation bar. Click Table of Contents to see all of the modules displayed in the right panel or click on an individual module name in the Table of Contents to focus the right panel on that specific content.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Note: The first time that the Table of Contents is entered, a welcome screen will appear.
Table of Contents - Welcome Message
  1. Add a new module by typing the module's name at the bottom of the Table of Contents.
  2. To add a new submodule, select the module and type the submodule name at the bottom of the module details area.
  3. New content and activities can be created and added to content by selecting choices using the New dropdown menu.
  4. Existing activities that were previously created can be added to the content section by using the Add Existing Activities dropdown menu.
  5. Content can also be added by dragging files directly into the module or submodule. 
  6. An entire module or individual topics can be set Draft or Published. When set as draft, content is not available to students.
Adding Modules and Sub-Modules
Adding modules and submodules
  1. Expand All and Collapse All can be clicked to change the state of the modules.
  2. Import/Export can be accessed directly from the Content Table of Contents page.
  3. Bulk Edit opens up an editing window that allows changes to be made to many modules at once.
  4. Manage Files and View Reports can be accessed via Related Tools.
Content-related Administrative tools
Content-related Administrative Tools
  1. The method for completion status can be set on individual topics. 
Note: Completion tracking provides progress indicators as students complete course activities. Instructors can define whether this tracking is automatic (the system will mark the activity as complete once the student participates in whatever the instructor has identified as the activity to track) or manual (students are provided a check box to mark off when they have completed an assignment for their own tracking).
Completion Status Tracking
Completion status tracking
  1. When navigating the content in modules or submodules, an expandable left menu panel appears allowing quick navigation to any topic or module. Click the arrow to expand or collapse the submenu.
Expandable Left Side Panel
Expandable left side panel
Note: Users can navigate content by using Next and Previous icons that exist both above and below content.
User View of Navigation Panel
If you have questions, please contact the DLC Help Desk at 608.342.1303, or 877.854.3083. You can also visit the DLC Help Desk's web page for information on hours of availability.

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