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Some of the questions that are found on a quiz are auto-graded.  For example, multiple choice and True/False questions.  Other question types must be manually graded.  Even if questions are autograded, quizzes should be reviewed.  If an error is made to a correct answer, the instructor always has the ability to go back and update a score.  There are different approaches to grading quizzes.  This quickguide provides basic information about how to grade a quiz in the Users View. Also see Grading a Quiz in the Desire2Learn Resource Center.  Clicking on this link will take you away from the Knowledge Base. 

  • Instructor access to a Desire2Learn Course.
  1. Log into Desire2Learn.
  2. Select a course.
  3. Click More from the navigation bar.
  4. Choose Quizzes.
Manage Quizzes Homepage
  1. Click the dropdown context menu next to the quiz name and choose Grade. The Grade Quiz screen is displayed.
Quiz Context Menu
  1. The Grade Quiz screen has three tabs: Users, Attempts and Questions.  By default the Users tab is selected.  
Grade Quiz Screen
  1. To export data of all user attempts, click the Export to CSV file button.  
  2. Click the Display Options button to select what data will be displayed for each user.  

Quiz Display Options
  1. Click the Save button to save changes to the display list of quiz attempts by each user.  Click the Cancel button to abort the changes.  
  2. The columns that are displayed for each quiz attempt also include a column called Published. If the box is checked, it means the quiz has been graded.  The checkboxes can be removed for any one quiz or clicking the icon next to the word Published toggles all attempt as either graded or not graded.
  3. By default the user view is for all users.  Click the dropdown arrow next to View By: and choose Groups to view attempts organized by groups.  Click ApplyNote: If the course has no groups defined for it, this choice will not do anything. 
  4. To search for a particular student, first set the Search Options.  If Search Options are not visible, click Show Search Options.  Check which fields to search in.
  5. Then enter the search criteria in the Search For text box and click the magnifying glass.
  6. The list of students can further be restricted by making a selection from the Restrict to dropdown box.
  7. Click the dropdown arrow under this box and make a choice.  Then click the magnifying glass to apply the restriction.  Choices are:
    • All users
    • Users who have not taken an attempt
    • Users who have completed an attempt
    • Users with attempts in progress
    • Users with an overall score Note: when this selection is chosen, the results can further be restricted with logical operators (<=, <, >=, >< =, and Between) and percentage score(s).
    • Users who have previewed an attempt

To clear search results, click Clear Search.

  1. To reset (or delete) an attempt or multiple attempts, check the box next to the name or attempt and click the trash can icon. The reset confirmation message will be displayed.
Quiz Reset Confirmation
  1. Click the Yes button to delete the attempt.  The student will be able to retake the quiz.  Click the No button to cancel the reset.
  2. To view a student submission of the quiz, click the attempt.
Quiz Attempt
  1. Use the arrows in the top right to move from student to student.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow under Attempt to go to other attempts or the Completion Summary for this quiz.
  3. For each attempt, information about the quiz and the time the student spent on the quiz is displayed.
  4. For more information, click Quizzes Event Log.
Quiz Event Log
  1. Scroll down.
Quiz Grading Feedback
  1. Click the Auto-Grade button to reset any changes made to grading in this attempt.  
Auto-grade Confirmation
  1. Click Yes to reset any changes made to grading this attempt.  Click No to keep any changes made to grading.
  2. To update the final score, click the Final Score box and update.
  3. The Student View Preview displays what the student will see for the quiz attempt.  To change these settings, click the dropdown arrow and choose Edit Display Settings.
Student Display Overrides
  1. To change what the student sees, click the Override display options for this itemcheckbox.
  2. Select which of the three items to show to students.
  3. Click Save to keep the new settings or Cancel to abort changes.
  4. Check Graded to make this a valid attempt and have the score included in the overall grade calculation.  Note: Any attempt not checked will not be included in the overall grade calculation and is not viewable to the student. The choice for overall grade calculation is made on the Attempts tab of Edit Quiz.
  5. Type in feedback for the student.
  6. Scroll down.
Quiz Results
  1. Each question of the quiz will appear under Quiz Results. If the question was auto-graded, the score will appear. Score can be overwritten. If the question is not auto-graded, review the answer and score. Additional feedback can be added to the question Feedback box.  If the feedbox is not visible, click Expand question feedback.
  2. To finish, click the Save and Close button to save any grading changes and return to the Grade Attempts screen. Click the Save button to save any grading changes and remain on this Grade Attempt screen.  Click the Cancel button to abort any changes made to the grading and return to the Grade Attempts screen.
Completion Summary
  1. To view the completion summary for the user, click the dropdown arrow under Attempt and choose Completion Summary.
Quiz Completion Summary
  1. Information about the user's attempts is summarized.  Display settings can be edited by clicking the dropdown arrow under Highest Attempt and choosing Edit Display Settings. See step 25 above for information on how to edit the display settings.
  2. Scroll down to see Overall Feedback.
Quiz Completion Summary Overall Feedback
  1. Feedback entered in Grade Item Public Comments will be displayed to every student who takes the quiz.  
  2. Feedback entered in Feedback is only viewed by the student.  To add a file to Feedback, click the Add a File button.
Upload a File
  1. Drag one or more files here from the computer or click the Course Offering Files folder or the Locker folder to open and select one or more files from these locations.
  2. Click the Add  button to upload the file(s).  Click the Cancel button to abort this process.
  3. Once a file is added, it can be removed from the feedback by clicking the red x that appears by each file name.
  4. Click the Record Audio button to create an audio file of feedback.  Note: An audio file must be less than 1 minute in length.  Multiple audio files can be recorded and added.
Record an Audio File of Feedback
  1. Click the red record button to begin recording.  Click the button again to stop recording. Note: Some type of microphone must be attached or available through the computer for this to work. Students will need to use speakers or a headset in order to hear the audio feedback.
  2. Once the file is recorded, use the Play button to review the recording.
  3. Click the Add button to save the audio file.  Click the Cancel button to abort the recording.
Files attached to Feedback
  1. To remove an attached file, click the red x next to the file name. The file name will show with a line struck through the name and green arrow.  To restore the file click the green plus sign.  
  2. Click the Save and Close button to save the feedback and files and close the Completion Summary.  Click the Save button to save the feedback and files but leave the Completion Summary open.  Click the  Cancel button to not save any feedback.
If you have questions, please contact the DLC Help Desk at 608.342.1303, or 877.854.3083. You can also visit the DLC Help Desk's web page for information on hours of availability.

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