D2L: Adding Competencies and Learning Objectives


Competencies help track information about the knowledge, skills and abilities learners acquire as they participate in courses or other learning experiences. Competencies are an inventory of skills and knowledge, rather than measures of how good learners are at something. Desire2Learn competencies correspond to general course objectives. Desire2Learn learning objectives correspond to specific student learning outcomes.

Use the Competencies tool to create competency structures to help assess users' learning outcomes and determine if students have acquired the intended knowledge, skills, and abilities from a learning experience. Learning objectives are associated with a competency to develop a hierarchy of expected skills and learning.

  • Instructor access to a Desire2Learn Course
  • Course objectives/goals and student learning outcomes determined
  1. Log into Desire2Learn.
  2. Select the course where the competencies and learning objectives will be added.
  3. Select the More tab.
  4. Select Edit Course.
  5. Select Competencies
Competency Home screen
  1. To add a competency, click Create New Competency.
New Competency window
  1. Provide a Name for your competency.
  2. (Optional) Type a Description.
Note: It is sometimes convenient to provide a shortened name in the Name field and type the entire Competency (course goal) in the Description field.
  1. Select a Status for the competency.
    • Draft - competency is still being worked on
    • Review - competency is ready to be used for live courses
    • Approved - competency has been reviewed and can be used to evaluate users, and it cannot be edited
    • Archived - no longer being used as it is not visible and cannot be completed
  1. (Optional) Add an Additional Identifier.
  2. Check box to Make competency and children visible to users.
  3. Check box to Allow re-evaluation of users who have achieved this competency.
Note: This setting determines whether users who have achieved a competency are re-evaluated when this competency is changed (for example, a learning objective is added or removed). When this setting is disabled, once a user achieves a competency they will always be set as achieved, regardless of any changes made to the competency definition.
  1. Click Save and New to add additional competencies or click Save to finish and exit.
Competency Home
  1. To add a Learning Objective, select Create New Learning Objective.
New Learning Objective window
  1. Provide a Name for your learning objective.
  2. (Optional) Type a Description.
Note: It is sometimes convenient to provide a shortened name in the Name field and type the entire Learning Objective (student learning outcome) in the Description field.
  1. (Optional) Add an Additional Identifier.
  2. Check Yes to enforce a particular assessment tool be used or No if not enforcing a tool and any activity type can be used to evaluate the learning objective.
Note: Once the learning objective is saved, it is not possible to change the enforced assessment method.
  1. If enforced assessment was selected, check the boxes the activities that are allowed to be associated with this learning objective.
  2. Set Ready for Evaluation to Yes to allow users to complete the learning objectives.
Note: User completion of the learning objective will be re-evaluated if new activities are added or existing ones are edited or removed.
If you have questions, please contact the DLC Help Desk at 608.342.1303, or 877.854.3083. You can also visit the DLC Help Desk's web page for information on hours of availability.

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