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Description of OBIEE Dashboards

Course Pre-Req Met: These reports list students who have completed specific courses with a passing grade, and are now eligible to take a second course. This dashboard is currently set up for Circuit Modeling & Calc II and Business Administration (additional classes can be added upon request).

CSW: Recruiting & Admissions: This dashboard contains admissions and recruiting data and trends.

CSW: Student Administration: This dashboard contains information about admissions, recruiting and student records, including trend information.

General Education – Courses and Student Learning Outcomes: This dashboard reports on Undergraduate students who graduated in specified term(s) and enrolled in General Education courses during their undergraduate academic career, including headcounts and percentages for each course and corresponding SLOs. Current SLO definitions are provided by the University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission (UUCC).

General Engineering: This dashboard contains reports specific to GE.

Graduation Degree Reports: This dashboard includes information on graduates from UW-Platteville, including trends.

Instructors Information Report: The Instructors Information Report includes a set of reports providing information about instructors, courses being taught and the students who are registered for these courses during a selected term. If a class is not showing up it’s likely because no one has registered for the class at this time. If you need a list of all classes by instructor, please use Class Capacity-Undergrad Trending/Undergrad Credits and Instructor.

Mathematics Department Course Information: This dashboard is utilized by the Math department to review grades for students that are Math majors.

Official Majors List: This is a list of Majors and Pre-Professional Plans.

Psychology Honor List Dashboard: This dashboard contains a Psychology Honor List for students declared as a psychology major in that selected term who are in the top 35% of their class (Sophomore, Junior, or Senior), excluding any education majors.

Swipe Card Data: This dashboard pulls student data using UWP-SR Major-Minor-Emphasis by Term subject area (filtered by campus id).

UW-Platteville Class Availability: UW-Platteville Class Availability is designed to determine the current enrollment of classes.  It provides fresh or "real time" data as it now exists. This dashboard is intended to be used along with PASS Schedule Builder.

UW-Platteville First Generation Students: This dashboard contains information on First Generation Students based on career, program, term, or student group.

UW-Platteville PELL Recipients: This dashboard contains information on students who received PELL grants.

UW-Platteville School of Education: This dashboard contains an education students list, as well as a list meeting specific credit and GPA criteria.

UWP Academic Affairs: This dashboard is utilized to compare foreign language requirements with total credits received.

UWP Academic Affairs Grade Analysis: This dashboard is used to analyze grades and GPA data for each graded course on campus.

UWP Academic Fee Income Report: This dashboard is used by Financial Services. It contains reports in IRH005 (AFIR).

UWP Admissions: This dashboard shows an overview of admissions statuses and admit types.  It includes reports on applicant diversity and residency, application status and reason analysis, TSI statuses, applicant high schools, states and counties, and degree-seeking colleges and majors. 

UWP All Active Majors Minors Emphasis Advisors: This dashboard contains information about all active majors, minors, emphases and advisors by term. It includes contact information, GPAs, credits, and progress towards degrees (student groups are listed by student). There is also an option to select enrolled or non-enrolled students.

UWP ArcGIS: This dashboard includes admission data used to create ArcGIS maps to display regional trends.

UWP Attendance Grade Roster: This dashboard contains class attendance information as well as a status on attendance data entered for all classes, by section, in the specified term.

UWP Class Capacity Trending: This dashboard is designed to provide capacity of individual course sections, enrollment summary for courses, enrollment trends and a listing of instructor and credits for each class in all careers. The information in this dashboard is updated nightly.

UWP Colleges: This dashboard includes reports general to all colleges that do not have their own dashboard. Reports include class schedule and grade reports.

UWP Dean's List: This dashboard contains Dean's Lists per each college requirements.

UWP Engineering Math and Science: This dashboard contains a detailed report specific to EMS which includes student groups for students active in collaborative engineering.

UWP External Test Scores: This dashboard includes incoming test scores of students from outside institutions with their current majors and minors (term based).

UWP Financial Aid: This dashboard provides financial aid information by student, career, and major.

UWP International Programs: This dashboard includes information about actively enrolled international students by semester.

UWP Non-Traditional and Veteran Students: This dashboard contains information regarding admission, demographics, and academic performance of certain subgroups of students including non-traditional, first generation, and veterans.

UWP PACCE: This dashboard includes information relevant to the Pioneer Academic Center for Community Engagement (PACCE) Organization, including retention of specific programs.

UWP PATH Center: This dashboard for the Pioneer Academic and Transitional Help Center reports on students that were active in the previous term and have not yet registered due to holds, as well as GPA and status as of the previous term.

UWP Retention: This dashboard contains retention trends based on admit term. 

UWP Student Academic Information: This dashboard contains reports with general student academic information including GPA and academic standing.

UWP Student Enrollment Categories: This dashboard provides information about student enrollment based on specific dates. This is mainly used by Admissions as a replacement for IRH008.

UWP Transfer Information by Major: This dashboard is designed to provide all relevant transfer data for any student in a given major.

If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 608.342.1400 or  You may also visit the Help Desk on the first floor of the Karrmann Library.

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